Who is responsible for the common good?

16Apr 2019
The Guardian
Who is responsible for the common good?

 If there is an overlapping consensus emerging from our attempt at a dialogue, it is that the common good is both more prominent and more problematic than it may have seemed to previous generations. Once  in a while, life demands every one of us to pass critical decisions. Besides, we pass -

routine decisions every day on what to eat, what to dress, where to go, with whom to spend time with and so on. Life is all about this, making decisions - major and minor once. With every breath we take in, we are making conscious or unconscious decisions.

The conscious decisions we make are part of what makes us humans. At each breath we take, we make decisions to be good or bad, to act violently or peacefully, to be corrupt or not to be corrupt, to be just or unjust, or to work for the common good or just be self-centered.Whenever we make decisions, we have to take the consequences and their impacts on others into consideration. We have to be considerate whenever we make decisions because the decisions we make, whatever our intentions might be, are not always going to have positive outcomes. They might spoil our or others' lives or turn personal visions upside down. A responsible person takes each and every decision carefully and hence makes judgment fairly, rationally and logically with good intentions.

The world that we are living in is under a constant state of various forms of unrest and instability because of poor judgments and decisions made by individuals or groups. Yet the problem is that nobody seems to be willing to take the responsibility or be accountable. Every one of us has to be accountable for the actions we take as common people and the decisions we make based on the responsibility bestowed upon us individually, socially or politically. Plus we have to be responsible for correcting others' wrong doings that might affect a lot of people.

Everyone has a duty to be a responsible citizen. Yet, not everyone takes this responsibility seriously and it is a common trend that people point their fingers at others whenever something bad happen.

However, the best way to respond to wrong doings [and it is also responsibility] is also by critically viewing the situation unfolding and taking the responsibility for taking actions for its remedy in a democratic and civilized manner. And this requires ethical and responsible citizens, public figures and leaders. Ignoring the violation of justice, just because it does not affect us directly, is similar to being breathless and irresponsible.

The bottom line is as long as we breathe; we have to be responsible decision makers and action takers, for being a responsible citizen results in a happy and harmonious community - if everyone else does the same. That is why responsible citizens play a key role for the progress of the common good, in our specific case for national development endeavors.

They make every decision with a consideration of the interest of their nation and people. They stand for justice, they discharge their responsibilities properly, and they contribute their part for the common good and progress. Responsible citizens will not just pass by, ignoring the day to day wrong doings in the society where they live. They will at least suggest or work for their remedy whenever they witness unjust practices.