Yanga must step up game in CAF Cup

18Jul 2016
The Guardian
Yanga must step up game in CAF Cup

BEFORE water level rises up to their noses, Mainland champions Young Africans have a daunting task to improve their soccer game in the ongoing CAF Confederation Cup.

Only one option stays on their way if they are to progress into the next stage of the second best rated club tournament in the continent.

Certainly they have to win the rest of their three matches against TP Mazembe, Mo Bejaia and unheralded Ghanaian Medeama FC.

After playing three matches against the above mentioned teams, Young Africans have alvaged paltry one goal and as many point to stay at the base of the four-team group standings.

TP Mazembe and Algerian Mo Bejaia seem to enjoy success in this group that would possibly bring them to the next stage of the championships, the semifinal berth.

For Yanga to stay on course for the semis, they have to win the three matches in the fixture no matter where the games are played if they are to sail through and prove their worth before foreign fans and possible intimidation in Lubumbashi and Ghanaian port city of Secondi.

Coach Hans van Pluijm who guided the team to retain the Mainland title in May, has to prove what the title means at this stage of the tournament.

With abundance of foreign players in their line-up, we expect the Tanzanian side to make an impact at this particular football platform. Winless in three back-to-back matches does not provide a good picture for not only their fans, but also the country, as well as sponsors of the team.

The reason why Yanga should sparkle in this tournament is based on the fact that soccer fans across the country have extended patience on waiting for success at this stage of continental football.The only way to bring consolation to them is through winning matches and the subsequent title.

Over thirteen years have passed since a Tanzanian club featured in such group stage of a continental club championship. With all the time that has passed, now we have to prove that Tanzanian clubs have what it takes to feature in such a tournament, so here are Yanga who have to attain the feat once again.

In related development, fans who turn out at the National Stadium during Yanga matches have not been cheering their team to hit intimidating levels, the way their counterparts are doing when Yanga play on away venues.

Fans have been quiet in time when their team has been down, thus opening the gate for visitors to feel at home and play with incredible composure.

It’s either the club or cheering groups have to formulate the best way of supporting their team at least for the 90 minutes of regulation play. Both visiting TP Mazembe and Ghanaian Medeama had enjoyed massive composure when they played against Young Africans at the National Stadium as if they have been at their respective home grounds.

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