Yes, irresponsible car lights a dangerous nuisance

12Aug 2019
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Yes, irresponsible car lights a dangerous nuisance

CITY police have issued a strong warning to motorists who change their car lights or motorcycle lights configuration to add powerful additional lights, making it easier for them to see the road ahead and often paralyzing the sight for other motorists.

The Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander Lazaro Mambosasa said this in a briefing concerning controls on movement of motor vehicles and especially passenger motorcycles during this period of a series of meetings related to annual summit of the SouthernAfrica Development Community (SADC). The key point was adding nuisance lights troubling road users.

The special police zone commander elaborated on the manner in which individual drivers add lights to give them a peculiar advantage on the road, as other users, either drivers or pedestrians, are compelled to stand aside or clear the way for the powerful searchlight car or motorcycle to pass.

The RPC said at times this kind of facility is vital for acknowledged functions, but it is misused by private motorists to clear the road so that they pass at their own comfort. Other users first think the car or motorcycle is likely to be up to something important security-wise or thereof, and then discovers it is little more than a naughty boy.

The RPC said that when a motorist meets that kind of vehicle, he or she is compelled to slow down and move to the left, nearly having to park, for the powerful headlights to pass first. Obviously there is no reason anyone should inconvenience other motorists just for amusement - rushing to a bar, a waiting girlfriend and that sort of irritating explanation for searchlight and speeding.

The police said that hunt for that sort of vehicles was being launched, and clearly not everyone has heard the RPC as even after this was spoken, that kind of light was visible, people still insisting on enjoying themselves on major roads.

It is important that this matter is followed up for driving is part of social facilities where equity should be the rule, that one has lights that correspond to the size of the vehicle, and indeed the level of lighting that is regulated by law and known to manufacturers.

When lights meant for other functions or uses are just padded on a vehicle at the behest of the user, so that he becomes ‘king of the road,’ then such a person ought to be shown his right place, which could be a fine and spending a few hours at a police station to rectify the lighting system. A few will grumble, those who are habitually undisciplined, citing ‘freedom.’

The majority of road users, including responsible drivers, will see the sense – and urgency – of this police operation and will not find this as an intrusion, as that kind of behavior is proclivity and meanness which is often confused for personal taste.

Freedom for exercising this or other kind of taste ought to be done within the realm of the law, which essentially implies that the freedom of others to do the same is not interfered with.

That is exactly where this notion of style or freedom errs, for it only sees a relationship between the driver and the road, not the driver and other road users, as they appear to be irrelevant there.