Young people are humanity's future wealth

03Aug 2016
The Guardian
Young people are humanity's future wealth

INTERNATIONAL Youth Day takes place on August 12, 2016. This day has been declared by the United Nations in 1985.

It aims to remind the public of the importance of the youth as a stage of life and it is celebrated all over the world. On International Youth Day the youth is in the center of attention of course.

According to the Western European definition the youth are boys and girls between 13 and 21. As a proper celebration of that great day there are many activities organized for the youth and often they help with the planning or implement their own ideas.

Tanzania has the 10th largest youth population on the planet. There are 22 million young people under 25 living in Tanzania. With 48 per cent of them under the age of 15. Tanzania’s child bulge will transform into a youth bulge in the coming years.

With their size, energy and potential, young Tanzanians make up a huge and vital resource for development. Yet they are disproportionately affected by the challenges facing Tanzania today, and with their numbers of the rise, it’s even more critical to engage young people in development today.

The youth most often is a very exciting stage of life for the young people themselves and all the others around them, too. During this period of the time they go through adolescence, the process of finding their own identity, finish school, start a career and leave their parental homes to travel or build up their own. Due to all those challenges of the time when we are young the United Nations considers an annual International Youth Day relevant.

Young people are humanity's future wealth. They offer hope and strength to their nations and the directions they take in their lives determine the fate of their people. Understanding, addressing, and solving their problems and worries are thus of utmost importance for all members of society.

Many of our youth struggle with understanding what they are called to do. We should challenge young people everywhere to live up to their potential to be a solution to the world’s problems, to be a light, and become leaders, using their present circumstances as a starting point.

Tackling the challenges of disinterest, disillusionment, and despair, which often strike our youth. Everyone is responsible for change and that all youth can be empowered to rise up against obstacles by following the example set by many familiar characters.

We have to give the youth practical solutions, advice, and tools to help them live a life that is abundant and prosperous. It is for any young person who wants to maximize his or her life potential, and for parents, mentors, and youth leaders who want to lead the next generation with compassion and understanding.

We know there are many challenges and opportunities for development and growth facing Tanzania. We know that young people can contribute to achieving the urgent development priorities of Tanzania today. We should help thousands of young Tanzanians to become young leaders who show that young people can create lasting change.

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