20Aug 2016
The Guardian

CURRENT efforts by fifth phase President Dr John Magufuli to place probity on top of priorities in public life seem destined to be a tall order on...

19Aug 2016
The Guardian

TANZANIA is among countries that produce very low emissions of greenhouse gases with major emitting sectors being forestry through deforestation,...

18Aug 2016
The Guardian

WORLD Humanitarian Day (WHD) falls on August 19, 2016 and is a global celebration of people helping people.

17Aug 2016
The Guardian

TANZANIA has sustained high rates of economic growth in recent years, but it has had limited direct impact on the majority of Tanzanians’ lives....

16Aug 2016
The Guardian

CANCER is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes. Known causes of cancer include genetic factors, lifestyle factors such as tobacco...

15Aug 2016
The Guardian

CHANGES should always be embraced in situations where an entity stands to positively gain. A strong wind of urgency aiming at changing two of the...

14Aug 2016
Guardian On Sunday

THE fisheries sector is among important economic subsectors that seem to have been forgotten for many years. Although it provides substantial...

13Aug 2016
The Guardian

The slogan loved by politicians that children are the future leaders of this nation has been proved wrong. It has been proved wrong by a survey...

12Aug 2016
The Guardian

TANZANIA is expected to benefit from a boost in hydropower generation and irrigation development thanks to a new study financed by the African...

11Aug 2016
The Guardian

STAKEHOLDERS in the water sector have urged the government to engage the private sector in operating water projects to solve scarcity of the...