23May 2016
The Guardian

HIRING and firing of coaches has now become a full-fledged tradition among Tanzanian premier soccer clubs as well as at federation level.

21May 2016
The Guardian

REPORTS that featured in this newspaper midweek suggested that there was a creeping worry of hunger among a breadth of farmers in Kibaha district...

20May 2016
The Guardian

INFORMATION and Communications Technology - or technologies(ICT) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application,...

19May 2016
The Guardian

ONE of the reasons the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) was set up was not only to grow the economy, but also to have the citizens take part in...

18May 2016
The Guardian

World Information Society Day was proclaimed to be on 17 May by a United Nations General Assembly resolution, following the 2005 World Summit on...

17May 2016
The Guardian

The three-day World Economic Forum on Africa which opened last Wednesday in Kigali Rwanda ended last Friday, with delegates discussing a wide...

16May 2016
The Guardian

IT was a memorable Saturday for Young Africans fans and members of the club after their team was crowned the Mainland premiership soccer champions...

15May 2016
Guardian On Sunday

THE world continues to witness an upsurge in cybercrime of various magnitudes.

14May 2016
The Guardian

AS over 1,200 delegates, including African leaders from government, businessme and media fly back to their respective countries after a three-day...

13May 2016
The Guardian

HUMAN trafficking appears to be the worst human development outcome linked to increasing global mobility. The media has been awash with cases of...