18Feb 2016
The Guardian

There is a growing call for the government of the day to revive one of the core pillars of its agricultural sector policy – the cooperative unions...

17Feb 2016
The Guardian

UGANDANS are going to the polls tomorrow and already the country has faced election related clashes two days ago.

16Feb 2016
The Guardian

INDICATIONS that our public sector seldom works properly unless there is a presidential or other executive order are cause for grave concern and...

15Feb 2016
The Guardian

Babies born to mothers exposed to air pollution from traffic sources during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing asthma before the age...

14Feb 2016
Guardian On Sunday

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has marked his first 100 days in office in style, in his characteristic self, devoting his remarks not to foreign envoys...

13Feb 2016
The Guardian

Dar es Salaam port was again in the spotlight on Thursday after Prime Minister Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa paid an impromptu visit to the harbour,...

12Feb 2016
The Guardian

Judging from what President Magufuli has done since he clutched the reins of power on November 5, last year, we can justly say in short, ‘so far...

11Feb 2016
The Guardian

About 10 per cent of Tanzanians control the bulk of our country’s economy, according to Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa. What this means is that...

10Feb 2016
The Guardian

SUB-SAHARAN Africa, and Tanzania is no exception is lagging behind on key development goals for safe water, income and health, even though the...

09Feb 2016
The Guardian

THE Guardian has taken on a new format – beginning with this issue. We proudly celebrate the improvement in content and design, and promise our...