30May 2016
The Guardian

Recognizing talent at a young age should be every parents priority as they raise their children. Waiting for teachers to do it does not work and...

29May 2016
Guardian On Sunday

RECURRING power interruptions obviously cause serious inconvenience to consumers, especially domestic users and those running industries.

28May 2016
The Guardian

ONE can rightly say that higher education in Tanzania is currently in limbo, shaming the entire sector ironically under the ‘watchful’ eye of the...

27May 2016
The Guardian

Last Friday, May 20, Tanzania joins other countries to mark the World Metrology Day commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Metre...

26May 2016
The Guardian

THE issue of diversity and inclusiveness are closely interlinked. In Africa, particularly East Africa agriculture on a small scale basis is mostly...

25May 2016
The Guardian

THE stunning news about the delayed tanzanite Export Processing Zone project at Mererani in Simanjiro Disitrct, Manyara Region cannot pass without...

24May 2016
The Guardian

IT is irritating to learn the supposedly respectable national power utility has locked horns with people whom they have vowed to serve.

23May 2016
The Guardian

HIRING and firing of coaches has now become a full-fledged tradition among Tanzanian premier soccer clubs as well as at federation level.

21May 2016
The Guardian

REPORTS that featured in this newspaper midweek suggested that there was a creeping worry of hunger among a breadth of farmers in Kibaha district...

20May 2016
The Guardian

INFORMATION and Communications Technology - or technologies(ICT) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application,...