17Jan 2016
Guardian On Sunday

When someone we know dies of a disease, people go to great lengths to make his funeral a success. They volunteer for everything and use a lot of...

16Jan 2016
The Guardian

The government programme to see all Tanzanian children accessing free basic education kicked off this week, but with some hiccups that should be...

15Jan 2016
The Guardian

COMPLAINTS on delays in pensions to teachers have been on the increase despite efforts being made by government and pension funds to address the...

08Jan 2016
The Guardian

WE are delighted with the decision by the country’s Immigration Services Department to embark on a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigrants who...

06Jan 2016
The Guardian

Tanzania has changed from being perceived as a backward country in East Africa, to being seen as a progressive example to the region.

04Jan 2016
The Guardian

Promotion of women soccer in the country took another important step forward at the end of last year, when the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF)...