Electronic finger print scanners to check public servants’ tardiness

15Jan 2016
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Electronic finger print scanners to check public servants’ tardiness

THE Works, Transport and Communications Ministry is working to install biometric registration systems across all government organizations to among other things, check tardiness of public servants.

THE Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Professor Makame Mbarawa

Prof Makame Mbarawa, Minister for Works, Transport and Communications made the announcement yesterday in Dar es Salaam shortly after he registered for the service at the Communications Department.
According to the minister, the system will be rolled out across all government offices countrywide and to start, he said the system will be applied at the Transport Department and later at the Works Department.
“The plan is to monitor and reduce absenteeism among public servants,” he said.
“You have to ensure all staff details are electronically registered in the new system. The system will also enable employees to work within the required work hours and not overtime,” he said.
Prof Mbarawa noted that for the system to be effective, front door managers should not give room for defaulters nor open doors for them.
He said the devices are meant for checking work dodgers and late comers; “this will help authorities to deal with such people effectively,” he said.

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