Board asks filmmakers to go for big screens as piracy war rages

01Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Board asks filmmakers to go for big screens as piracy war rages

FILM makers have been advised to sell their products in big screens to benefit from their work and combat piracy which has derailed the industry’s growth for years.

Tanzania Film Board Executive Secretary Dr Kiagho Kilonzo made the advice earlier this week at the pre-release screening of new film ‘Nyara –The Kidnapping’.

According to Dr Kilonzo given the available dynamics and piracy there is no way how film makers can make money using the old supply chain where films were released on DVDs.

“As government we agreed that we should reignite the culture of cinema going across the country and that meant that local film makers should make films that fit the requirements of the wide screen,” said Dr Kilonzo.

On the challenges of getting the right location for shooting movies he said as long as the correct procedures are followed there should not be any obstacles.

Nyara –The Kidnapp which was launched on Tuesday this week is an action field film produced by Wanene Entertainment is set and shot at different locations in Dar es Salaam featuring the Dragon Boys.

The   Ram Kasongo said it took them three years to shoot the film because they had to get it right given the fact that they wanted to showcase something that the industry has been missing.

The film which cost the producer in the excess of 200m/- is set to be shown in theatres in Dodoma, Tanga, Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar and Mbeya.

The director said that the reason why Nyara is starting at the Cinema is because of the new arrangements that were put in place by the TFB.

According to the new arrangement the cinema gets 50 per cent of the revenue whereas 40 per cent goes to filmmaker and 10 per cent is retained by the film board.

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