Budding musician releases new songs

28Sep 2021
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Budding musician releases new songs

AN up-and-coming Tanzanian musician, Regina Kihwele, aka 'Gynah', last weekend held a live performance that was attended by her fans in Dar es Salaam.

An up-and-coming artist, Regina Kihwele, aka' Gynah', sings at a live performance the musician staged in Dar es Salaam last weekend. PHOTO: BEATRICE PHILEMON

'Gynah', further, released an Extended Play (EP), which contains eight songs. The songs are ‘Najaribu’, 'It's You’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Groovin’, ‘Get Away’, ‘Mulasi’, ‘Kahawa’, and ‘Boom Boom’.

The performance, known as 'Kahawa Night', took place at Little Theatre in Kinondoni.

The event went hand in hand with the launch of her clothing brand, known as 'Gynah', which was supported by CRDB Bank and Tabasamu PR and Media Personnel.

'Gynah' noted so far two songs, 'Mulasi' and 'It’s You', are now available on social media platforms, whilst the remaining tracks will be released very soon online, given the artist and her producers are still working on them.

Wearing impressive pink trousers and a purple blouse, whilst having a smile on her face, 'Gynah' took the stage and performed her song, 'Groovin'.

Her performance went well and the song was accompanied by a fashion rehearsal and received massive applause at the end.

Her vocals were sharp and she was well received by journalists and fans in the hall.

Apart from doing music, 'Gynah' noted she come up with new a film, 'Mulasi', which explains how mental health disorders, especially depression and stress, prevent women from making their dreams come true.

The track 'Mulasi', she added, aims at comforting women when they are feeling sad.

"I’m very proud to be part of this film because I have been nominated by Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival to contest for the Best Actress in Africa prize and a Classic Actress prize,” she said.

Apart from that, 'Gynah' will take part in the Best Actor competition that will take place in Kenya from November 3-6, bringing together artists from South Africa, Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, and the hosts, Kenya.

National Arts Council (BASATA)’s Arts Officer, Ibrahim Ibengwe, noted: “I’m very impressed with 'Gynah', she is a very talented young girl and exceptional musician, she can sing best solo songs, she is a fashion designer for her company named 'Gynah' and she is an actress,” he said.

The official disclosed: ''Apart from that she has been nominated for the Best Artist in Africa's award and we feel this is a big achievement for her and Tanzania as well because Tanzania will be well-known for its arts and culture and help us to promote what it offers in the fashion industry as well.''

He called on different stakeholders to promote arts domestically because there are so many talented young people in fashion and music who need to show their talents.

Highlighting registration, he said right now BASATA has introduced an online registration system to help artists and other people to register their works online.

“Artists keen on registering their works will be required to send all required documents to BASATA online and the council will issue a control number for payments and then the artists will get receipts after payment,” he said.

Ibengwe pointed out: ''Right now people will not be compelled to travel from up-country to Dar es Salaam for registration, everything is now available online.''

BASATA is an organization established under the National Arts Council Act No. 23 of 1984. It is a government agency for the revival, promotion, and development of arts in Tanzania.

The council strives to nurture artistically conscious and active Tanzanians who are motivated to fully participate in the production and consumption of good art.

BASATA facilitates the production and consumption of good artworks and services.

The core values of BASATA are promoting and developing an authentic Tanzanian art tradition, upholding professionalism and excellence, and promoting creativity and attentiveness in the arts.

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