Msondo Ngoma vocalist Dede is no more

07Jul 2017
Adam Fungamwango
The Guardian
Msondo Ngoma vocalist Dede is no more

VETERAN musician Shabaan Dede has passed away in Dar es Salaam.

Shaaban Dede


According to his son Hamad Dede, the singer, who was admitted at the Muhimbili National Hospital for almost two weeks, died of diabetes yesterday morning.

He said his father, who was born in Kagera in 1954, was expected to be laid to rest at Mbagala in Dar es Salaam.

Until his death, Dede was a leading singer of Msondo Ngoma Music Band.

His name became popular when joined Msondo Ngoma while it was still known as Juwata Jazz in 1997 before joining Mlimani Park Orchestra ‘Sikinde Ngoma ya Ukae’ in 1982.

After two years with Sikinde, the singer joined Bima Lee and returned to Msondo Ngoma in 1987.

The following year, Dede left Msondo Ngoma for the second time and joined the Orchestra Safari Sound (OSS) before crossing again to Sikinde Ngoma ya Ukae.

In 2011, Dede returned to Msondo Ngoma for the third time and remained with the band until his death.

He will be remembered for his songs such as 'Fatuma Maisha ya Vita', 'Kimwaga' and 'Sauda' while at Msondo, 'Talaka Rejea' and 'Pole Mzee' when he was with Sikinde,'Shangwe ya Harusi', 'Aziza', 'Siku Moja Itafika', while with Bima Lee, and 'Nyumba ya Mgumba Haina Matanga' while he was with OSS. 

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