Nyumbani park hosts Moro-Dar artistes

09Jun 2020
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
Nyumbani park hosts Moro-Dar artistes

Management of Nyumbani Park located along Dodoma's road in Morogoro town, hosts Morogoro and Dar es Salaam's artistests for bolingo and bongo flavor music performance .

Morogoro-based bolingo band, namely Waluguru original's rappers pictured on last Sunday night performed at Nyumban Park grounds (photo: Michael Sikapundwa)

Briefing the guardian digital over the weekend here town, Nyumbani's park director, Fujo farida ,has confirmed that, Nyumbani Park targets to change customers' flavor per week as on Thursday there's Karaoke, Saturday DJ live supported by an artiste performance and Sunday bolingo music bits.

" Every Sunday night Morogoro-home based Waluguru original performs live band and this week Banana zoro will perform on Saturday here and next week hope Elias Barnaba,commonly Barnaba will be on stage " she disclosed.

Said a customer's get pass is to buy only one local beer for 5000/- but will be free to add more while inside for 3000/-per bottle, other strong drinks like cocktail price depends with nature of drink.

Bolingo's bits lover, Hansilaus Makuhana, commonly Kwangaru, said music is a stressed mind's therapy ,salute Nyumbani park for categories of music within a week because those fans fail to dance will sing or watch live band.

" besides, Nyumbani park located along Dodoma corridor hence easy to reach and depart at any time, compared other remote refreshment centres " he disclosed.