Rapper Rosa Ree engaged to longtime lover

28Sep 2021
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Rapper Rosa Ree engaged to longtime lover

TANZANIAN female rapper, Rosary Iwole, aka 'Rosa Ree', is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, a businessman known as 'King Petrousse', after she had accepted his proposal in an engagement dinner, which took place last weekend.

On Friday, the rapper took to her social media to let her fans know of the engagement by posting a series of pictures and videos of herself and her new fiancée on the dinner date.

Some of the photos feature Petrousse posing in one knee down proposing to Rosa Ree who looked very happy.

“Woke up this morning like, this happened? I wasn’t dreaming? I said Yes to my best friend,” she said.

Petrousse also took to social media to express his love and confidence in their relationship.

“The beginning of forever! We are getting married! Anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart,” he wrote.

The engagement was not the first time they posted each other on social media as they have many pictures together captioned with affectionate messages and have also been traveling together.

Petrousse works with a tour and travel company that has been supporting Rosa Ree’s music.

Initially, Rosa was rumoured to be dating popular Kenyan singer, Timothy Owor, aka 'Timmy TDat', after they posted several suggestive pictures together and released their song, 'Vitamin U', in 2019.

The song's video had the two in raunchy, almost-nude scenes, which led to the song being restricted on YouTube and Rosa Ree being banned by the National Arts Council (BASATA) for six months.

The two however denied that they were dating but rather everything was work-related and casual.

The engagement confirms that she is not dating 'Timmy TDat' as previously thought and that she is now officially off the market

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