Stara Fashion Week set for next month

30Jun 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Stara Fashion Week set for next month

MORE than 30 designers have registered to showcase at the runway shows, dubbed 'Stara Fashion Week', to be held in Dar es Salaam from July 24-25.

A model showcases a creation by a domestic designer in a recent Stara Fashion Week, which took place in Dar es Salaam.

Apart from the runway shows, the event will involve designer stalls, with products available for purchase, workshops and conferences.

The conferences' participants will have an opportunity to meet influencers, renowned figures from the modest fashion world while investors will have the chance to connect with new markets.

The event is also seen as monumental in bringing the people of modest fashion together in order to allow the market to grow through collaboration and influencers.

Various brands are set to be put on the runway in this year's fashion shows.

They are MIMAS Designers, Cute Naffy, Zezo Designs, Fiah Collection, Paz Designs, and Stara And Beauty.

Other brands are AB Designs, Irada Styles, Africa Sana, Mozen Designs,  Kulwa Mkwandule, Asia Idarious, and Mustafa Hasannali.

Many more brands are, moreover, eagerly awaited to launch their collections.

One of the next month shows' most highlights is Marashi Zanzibar aspect, slated to garnish the event with their cocktail signature, Oud.

Stara Fashion Week is sponsored by Kanzu Point, Asas, Coca Cola, Arms Day Care, Marashi Zanzibar, Arabian Hair Oil, Jast Express, Sugar Barry and others.

Fashion lovers have been asked to take a look at this spotlight event for conservative wear.

The works of 30 designers will be showcased under the spotlights at the National Museum venue located at Posta, opposite Institute of Finance Management, in the city.

The event gears towards creating mainstream fashion out of modest wear.

The show also intends to celebrate the 'Made in Tanzania' products by encouraging Stara Fashion firm to produce quality clothes for both men and women.

With most women seeking to follow the rules but also be chic in doing so, modest fashion has become quite the growing market within the fashion industry.

Modest fashion serves as a natural bridge for models, fashion designers and textile industry.

Even though modest fashion is still a budding industry, the global economy states that spending on clothing is expected to grow.

During the event, models wear everything from earthy tunics to floral dresses and shimmering gowns, all kept demure with shape-concealing cuts.

Every look is also accompanied by decorative turbans and headscarves, as well as chignons for the unveiled.

The two-day show, which intends to become Tanzania’s leading modest fashion event, will not only promote modest fashion but also shape new trends.

Stara Fashion Week is also seeking to bring together trendsetters and models from the modest fashion and famous icons for modest brands.