Waluguru Original Band thrills fans in album launch

12Aug 2020
Sabato Kasika
The Guardian
Waluguru Original Band thrills fans in album launch

MOROGORO's Waluguru Original Band last weekend launched its new album, titled 'Kikao cha Wahenga' in the region, with scores of music fans turning up for the launch.

Music fans dance to a track performed by Waluguru Original Band at the troupe's new album launch, which took place in Morogoro last Friday. PHOTO; SABATO KASIKA

The thrilling event took place at Terminal Pub, with Waluguru Original Band being accompanied by prominent artiste, Ally Choki, and The Bambazi Band led by veteran artiste Mulemule 'FBI', both based in Dar es Salaam.

The Terminal Pub had already been filled with lots of music lovers at 8.30pm when the latter were treated to blues music, prior to Waluguru Original Band musicians taking the stage to perform their songs at 11pm.

The troupe performed several songs, which are all in the new album, namely 'Morogoro Yetu, 'Mwanzo wa Mapenzi', 'Cha Kupewa', 'Ngalile Mwanangu Ndole', 'Supu' and Nataka Nilewe'.

Music fans could hardly leave the stage at the time the troupe was performing the songs.

Choki later took the stage and put his skills to show for 20 minutes, sending the fans into frenzy with popular tracks, which won him fame during his time at African Stars Band 'Twanga Pepeta'.

The Bambazi Band artistes took the stage at 1pm to showcase their prowess, with prominent rappers, Toto Ze Bingwa and Khalidjo 'Kitokololo', impressing fans with the duo's skills.

The show also served as an opportunity for the Dar es Salaam-based troupe to introduce itself to music enthusiasts.

Choki said the Waluguru Original Band has managed to find its way into Morogoro music followers' hearts.

The musician called on the troupe's artistes to value the strong bond that exists in the troupe, insisting the quality will help them reach great heights and effectively challenge the already well established troupes.

"Launching a troupe and winning fans is something the artistes should be proud of. I therefore ask them, particularly the troupe's director Deogratius David, they should value the strong bond the artistes have, they will achieve a lot," he disclosed.

David noted he has set out to see to it that Morgoro regains the enthusiasm the region had in dance music in the past.

The musician was adamant the last weekend's event is merely a good start and he will never turn back, adding the launch is a good sign for the troupe.

"We had earlier launched our first album, titled 'Rosemary' in 2014, the album though did not have much success therefore we opted to regroup,'' he stated.

''This time around, we have come out much stronger with this new album that you have witnessed the manner in which we launched it,'' he disclosed.