Waluguru Original Music Band seeks to win more fans in Dar

26Jul 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Waluguru Original Music Band seeks to win more fans in Dar

MOROGORO's Waluguru Original Music Band has said it is out to host a bonanza, which will be taking place at venues in Dar es Salaam every Sunday.

Waluguru Original Music Band's Director, Deogratius David, alias 'Killer Man'.

The troupe's Director, Deogratius David, popularly known as 'Killer Man', stated the approach targets to get the troupe to win more fans in  Dar es Salaam

David pointed out his troupe feels it needs to showcase its mettle and see to it that the troupe can lure more fans.

The vocalist disclosed the troupe believes it also has fans outside Morogoro and it can live up to its expectations.

David noted: "Dar es Salaam is a city full of entertainment, therefore we are keeping on setting up strategies, which will see to it we get one hall that can host our shows every Sunday, to bring us closer to more dance music fans.''

The vocalist disclosed the knowledge that got from a recent show, 'Wafia Dansi', which had also involved some of the troupes from Dar es Salaam, will help them gain a stranglehold in the city.

David noted his troupe's ability to hold its own against Dar es Salaam bands is a plus for the former.

The vocalist pointed out his band now feels there is a need for it to seel popularity outside Morogoro, given the troupe had already won the hearts o dance music fans in the region.

"We have won much fame in Morogoro, Dodoma, and Iringa, it is now our turn to do the same in Dar es Salaam, we will achieve success given e have experience in dance music, although some of the genre's fans believe Dar es Salaam is the only place that offers entertaining dance music,'' David revealed.

The artist said Waluguru Original Music Band can win prominence in big cities.

The  Waluguru Original Music Band leader insisted his troupe's artists had also performed for various troupes in Dar es Salaam.

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