What is the future of business if the internet becomes obsolete-XTOK

04Dec 2019
The Guardian
 What is the future of business if the internet becomes obsolete-XTOK

Since the discovery and penetration of the Internet in the country and globally many business ventures have utilized this invention to advertise and market their products and services more effectively hence giving birth to business ventures whose models totally depend on SaaS (Software as a Service)

The following are examples of businesses that have succeeded in leveraging the Internet to ensure exponential growth, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), Mobile Phone Companies,Bloggers,Vloggers,Influencers e.t.c.On the other hand there’s quite a number of businesses that have found it a major challenge to jump onto the digital revolution bandwagon the likes of Newspaper Media Houses,Billboard advertising companies and so many more the major challenging factor being digital illiteracy.

Infinix Mobile Tanzania through its X-TOK Event have prepared an open panel discussion on the following stated topic “What is the future of Business if the Internet becomes Obsolete”,this said event will take place at Sahara Ventures on the 6th fllor of Bayport Building located along silicon dar on the 7th of December 2019 from 1030 Hrs - 1400 Hrs. Registerhttps://bit.ly/3825HFP

Infinix Mobile Tanzania encourages and invites participants to their fourth X-TOK Event by simply registering here to learn,unlearn and share opinions concerning the stated topic.

The X-TOK Event is fortunate to be graced with three guest speakers who have abundant insights to discuss the topic namely the speakers will be “Mr.Princely H.Glorious Communications Expert and Co-Founder of Ona Stories”,”Ms. Cynthia Bavo Founder and CEO of MyJobPass” and “Mr.Anthony Luvanda Entrepreneur and well established Public speaker”

X-TOK is an Infinix initiated event that usually addresses different relevant topics that are shaping the digital space while keeping on consideration of its effects to the society which is mainly formed with young professionals,digital enthusiasts,students interested in social, technology and innovation industry as well as ongoing and upcoming trends.Infinix Mobility Limited is the brand that’s responsible for the existence of outstanding sleek designed mobile devices “Infinix” , the brands ideal customer characteristics are energetic,stylish,trendy and with no hesitation to show off their lifestyle and sharing/airing opinions of pressing matters figuratively X-TOK is an offline event bringing together people of similar characters to discuss challenging topics.X-TOK first made its appearance on 31st of August 2018 at buni hub followed by two events held at the December 2018 and June 2019 respectively combating topics such as “The Mobile Industry and Innovation brought together”,”Will life be better without social media?” and “Why does unethical content trend more on social media than ethical content and how do we resolve it?”. With these propelling topics we’ve been fortunate enough to be graced with very insightful speakers who made it easy to share their knowledge with us on the events by simplifying the complexity of the parameters and variables of these topics making them readily understandable.

The following mentioned are a few of the speakers Dr.Isack Rugemalila,Ms.Vanessa Kisowile,Mr.Gilllsant Mlaseko and Mr.Kennedy Mmari.X-TOK Event’s primary purpose is to build a strong offline and online community through Infinix X-CLUB app that comes pre-installed on all Infinix mobile devices and available on google playstore where by participants who attend these events can share opinions concerning pressing topics that matter to our societies/communities and bring forth the results/ideas by working on them and building a positive generation.