‘Teachers in Musoma district have no toilets’

05Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Teachers in Musoma district have no toilets’

TEACHERS at Nyamwiru primary school in Busambara ward, Musoma District in Mara Region have no toilets, something which affects hygiene and daily academic activities in the area.

Masilingi Maira, head teacher of the school said the teachers need four-pit latrines as well as 12 pit toilets for pupils so as to improve sanitation at the school.

According to him, lack of toilets in schools does not only affect teachers but also children’s development in class.

He said the existing toilets do not meet the needs and the government is doing its best to address the challenge with support from stakeholders.

“Sanitation is one of the catalysts for the development of education in the country, good toilet infrastructures support the health and good attendance of students in schools, so we call on the government to intervene in this and construct toilets in the school as we are forced to share toilets with students,” he said.

Masilingi said the school also faces a shortage of seven classrooms, desks and other essential teaching and learning equipment.

The school which has 886 pupils was established in 1997. It still has a number of challenges which if not addressed, will worsen academic development and performance.

“The school is also facing a shortage of teachers, as the actual demand is 17 teachers, but only eight are available. We also need 16 teachers’ houses,” he said.

In addition, he said the government has provided 40m/- for the construction of two classrooms and one teachers’ office, while Musoma Rural MP, Prof Sospeter Muhongo has donated 115 desks and more than 1,000 books.

Maneke village chairman, Rupago Loya said residents at the village have been also contributing to the development of the school by contributing their workforce by bringing water, sand and stones during construction of classrooms and teachers houses.

“Busara group also donated food stuffs so as to support children at the school, we appreciate all support from various stakeholders,” Loya said.

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