10 types of students you find in an examination hall

18Jul 2016
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10 types of students you find in an examination hall

Well, it is probably the bitterest part of the college journey, the examination period. As for me it was my ever worst college experience literally!

Don’t despise last minute blind date group discussions literally!

I remember how my daily schedule would be distracted and switched automatically to some lifestyle no student wishes for. Talk of late night library cramming sessions, blind date group discussions, the struggle to bathe several times at night just to stay awake through the night.

Did I say blind date group discussions? You know the type of discussions where you gang up with a group of students you barely know just because they happen to be solving the most challenging past papers or just a bunch of lazy students like yourself who just want to be interrogated topic after topic just to test themselves if they are fit for the next days’ paper.
Blind date group discussions during exams are the inside thing in college.

In my second year of college, I was lucky enough once to bump into a group discussion with some first year students who were studying a similar faculty to mine just an hour before the paper and what impressed me was how lucky I was to find two questions that carried a total of Forty marks in the same topic we had just gone through.

Don’t despise last minute blind date group discussions literally!
I can't by pass my holier than thou friends who master morning prayers and the church door more than anything else during this period, lol! Let's save that for some other day but alas I salute you.

Hi there!
Despite college chabos, team work techniques in other words, the passionate pursue of righteousness that students have during examination periods and the group discussion blind dates, I have also made an observation on the types of students in an examination hall.

When writing an exam, it’s easy to get a little bit distracted by the surroundings and the level of preparation of a student determines just how much distracted they would be and especially when surrounded by other students. You can also familiarise yourself with these types or maybe your friends fall in one of these.

The paper magnet
These ones’ preparation level is of a Superhuman. They just can't stop asking the invigilators for extra papers after every 15 minutes, some definitely got huge handwriting but I know one who does this just because she prepared for the paper enormously and can relate to all the questions, they just can't summarise question where they are asked to list, they explain half a page. Imagine you are stuck with no answers and a colleague asks for papers every half an hour. Their explanations are impossible.

The one who asks 'who has an extra pen
Where am I? They are coming to an exam without a pen or a rubber. Impressive right, level up. Some students are just crazy.

The early bird
This one’s preparation level is a mastermind. Given up maybe? But who even knows…They finish their exam super early and walk out of the hall like boss. A know a young man who used to walk away from the exam room 15:+minutes after we had just began and I always had the urge to know his results.

Most importantly some give up while others are clever brains.15 minutes for a paper of 5 questions each carrying 20 marks and someone walks out after like half an hour? Oh not for me.

The giraffes
The list can never be complete without this category of students.From the start of their examination till everyone submits their booklets; Mr. Giraffe’s neck will stretch from one corner of the room to another hahah!

This one’s preparation level is zero. Either she or he never studied at all or maybe they are just not content with what they have answered and want to compare their answers with the rest. A large number of back benchers lie in this category.
The sleeper
These types of students sleep 90 per cent of the time in the exam hall and you’re like….but why? Like really..These are un definable literally!
The latecomer

Their Preparation level is: ``I Don’t care. Just stop it like seriously. Another one comes in an hour late and you are left wondering if they didn't have the timetable or something. Anyway some latecomers are just too antisocial such that failure to associate with the rest always lands them into either missing a paper or coming in an hour late. The craziest of them all will burst through the door and break the silence of the exam hall.
Calm and collected people

Their Preparation level is of someone who is either incredibly intelligent or they have just accepted their fate.
Like why did I bother?

They’re completely confident and the fact that they are sitting in an exam content that much leaves question as to how much preparation they have done. That exam could affect their entire future but seriously, why aren’t they panicking either lol?

The clown and blur person
We all know that one person who always mixes up the exams date. This person and the late comer are not different. Their level of seriousness is questionable. Maybe they didn't bother to know or maybe they just studied so much such that they can't even remember the exam they will sit for on a particular day. Poor, them.
The miracle seekers

Their Preparation level is lalalal…like that, un explainable. These are the students who did not study at all but still walk into the examination hall with an assurance that manna will fall from heaven hahhaha, but we all know God helps those who help themselves first right? Then how on earth do you expect miracles like for real? Very funny!
The thieves

Their Preparation level is buzzing, I mean this group is just a mystery because some thieves aren't buzzing either but are just like the giraffes who either are totally blank or maybe just want to confirm from their colleagues because they are not confident enough in what they have answered.

A lecturer once described that these kind of students as the smartest among students, this is because they manage to get their ‘chabos’ into their desk no matter how strict the invigilators are. Some really beautiful ladies paint their thighs so beautifully with answers to their prophesied questions.

We don't have to call them thieves because we all have being there, even for once in the college journey. lets term it 'helping ourselves out’. Nobody likes to sit for a supplementary for sure .If a way of reaching the average pass mark is that sometimes why not?

Categories of college students in an examination room are numerous you can name more and more but most importantly just be content in whatever you answer because an exam room breeds some panic situation in some way that no student would stand tall and admit of not ever being afraid. Sending warm exam wishes.

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