660 women benefit from GBV training   

30Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
660 women benefit from GBV training   

​​​​​​​A TOTAL of 660 women from 22 Shehias in Unguja North B District have benefited from training on gender-based violence (GBV).

Organised by Tanzania Media Women’s Association (Tamwa, Zanzibar) in collaboration with Action Aid Tanzania, the two-week training was aimed at educating participants about different forms of gender-based violence and raising their awareness that violence against women in any form is unacceptable.

Zaina Salum Abdalla, Tamwa Zanzibar legal officer said that beneficiaries were trained on a number of issues including methods that can be used to prevent such acts. The training was meant to empower women with skills on all issues surrounding GBV and its negative impacts to the victims and the general public, she said.

“The idea is to change the community mindsets on GBV as well as empowering them with skills on understanding indicators and reporting such acts to the responsible authorities,” she stressed.

She said that there are several GBV incidents which are yet to be reported as victims or witnessed fear to report them due to various reasons including low awareness as protecting their marriages.

“Women here are ready to remain mum on abuse acts only because they fear that once reported, their marriages will break, so it is high time we change this behavior for the sake of our children’s safety,” she said.

For his part, Sheik of Kitope shehia Khamis Ndende noted that child abuse actions are on the rise here so more efforts are needed to fight the vice.

He hinted on the note that more public awareness programmes are needed to educate the public on the impacts violence as majority of people are not reporting the incidents to the authorities.

Sheikh Ndende hailed TAMWA’s efforts in educating the public on the adverse impacts of violence in the country.

Ali Makame, a participant from Kitope Shehia urged parents to protect their children which include monitoring their steps and being friendly and closer to them.

He noted violence against children remains one of the most serious human rights violations in the country which calls for determined efforts to curb it.

“We commend TAMWA-Zanzibar for seeing this challenge and being able to support its fight,” he said.

An official from Unguja North Gender Desk Salum Machano said that acknowledged that there is still a huge challenge in fighting GVB in the Isles with some parents or relatives failing to cooperate with the police.

According to her, most of the parents end up negotiating with suspects of violence thus affecting the whole case.

Machano wanted the public to condemn the brutal acts as they are not tolerable in the community.

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