AUC Media workshop on Malabo Declaration’s Biennial Review kicks off

24Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
AUC Media workshop on Malabo Declaration’s Biennial Review kicks off

The African Union Commission media capacity building workshop on Malabo Declaration’s Biennial Review kicks off today in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to the concept note that was made available at the Guardian the seminar aims to train journalists (from all media platforms) to create a clear understanding of the Malabo Declaration and the Scorecard; the second cycle of the BR and what it means, as well as how they can effectively report on it and use it as a tool for accountability in their respective countries.

In implementing the Malabo Declaration on accelerated agriculture growth and transformation for shared prosperity and improved livelihoods in Africa, the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with strategic partners has been leading in responding to the commitments of establishing mechanisms for mutual accountability for results and actions.

The AU-led Biennial Review (BR) mechanism has achieved great success in the preparation and submission of  the Inaugural Biennial Review Report with the African Agriculture Transformation Scorecard (AATS) that were presented to the January 2018 AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

With the tremendous value the BR brings to Africa and its governments and populace, DREA through its CAADP team developed a communications strategy to engage all relevant stakeholders and enhance visibility of the BR. The strategy spells out the methods and channels in which to engage the different stakeholders to create awareness and achieve maximum impact out of the report.

It is the mission of the African Union’s scorecard to support the stated Malabo aim of government accountability to peers and citizenry in meeting the declaration’s targets. 

Conscious of the important role that the media plays in aiding to disseminate accurate and informed messaging, DREA , will organize a media training to train journalists from different regions of the African Continent, on the Malabo Declaration Biennial Review process and Africa Agriculture Transformation Scorecard  in order to benefit from effective media support..  

Expected results journalists understand their power to raise the profile of the Biennial Review and its scorecard system, the media to understand their role as a vehicle for social change, a media strategy on the priorities CAADP wants highlighted/ A Media Action Plan to be produced, agree on the production of media content such as articles, press releases, broadcast Radio / TV spots as well as the design and printing of approved multimedia tools; agree on BR messages for unified reporting and an alliance/partnership with the media will be encouraged to do live tweeting and produce articles.