Bank donates sanitary pads to secondary, primary schools in Shinyanga

02Dec 2019
The Guardian
Bank donates sanitary pads to secondary, primary schools in Shinyanga

EXIM Bank Tanzania has donated a total of 2,400 sanitary pads to secondary and primary school students in Shinyanga Region, being part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program called Exim Cares.

The schools that benefited from the support included Istiqaama Islamic Secondary School, Mwenge Primary School, Mapinduzi Primary School, Jomu Primary School, Ibadhi Primary School as well as the Agape AIDS Control Program found in the region.

Addressing the donation ceremonies held at the schools premises over the weekend, Exim Bank Shinyanga Branch Manager, Ms Sarah Paul said they have started an initiative in bid to help girls with pads and to encourage zero stigma towards menstrual health in schools.

Through the initiative, the bank will extend the same donation to a number of schools in other regions including Tabora and Iringa according to Ms Sarah

“Exim Bank finds pleasure in being involved with its community and one of our beliefs is to make a positive impact to the community, therefore we have decided to come with an initiative in helping a girl child where we are giving out reusable sanitary pads,” she said.

“And we take note of the fact that this is recurring need for the young girls and that’s why we felt it was prudent for the pads to be reusable. We believe this will go long way in helping to curb need”

A UNESCO report estimates that one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school during their menstrual cycle. Sanitary Pads play a vigorous role in the life of the girl child. In other cultures, menstruation is offensive and with this girls are faced with many challenges and obstacles that not only affect them socially but also academically.

“Exim Bank is fully committed to ensuring that Tanzanian youth receive education, as such when faced with the plight of young girls being unable to attend classes due to lack of sanitary towels. The bank has decided to be actively involved and be a part of the solution by providing these much needed resources.’’ she added.

While giving his thanks remarks, the Istiqaama Islamic Secondary School Head, Mr Mbaraka Songoro said that the donation is a noble and commendable one and they were honoured by the spirit of humanness shown by the bank.

“We as a school see this as a restoration of dignity to the recipients as well as the community at large. This gesture will restore dignity in the girl-child and it will also provide a good learning experience conducive to them even while in their menses.’’ He said.

He added that some parents find it difficult to buy their daughters sanitary pads so the kinds of donations will curb such situations.

Expressing gratitude to the bank on behalf of her fellow learners, Fathihiya Faiz from Istiqaama Islamic Secondary School said they were thankful, as through the donation they will no longer be subjected to infections that could emanate from lack of sanitary towels.

“Sanitary pads play a big role in our lives. This donation closes the gap that our parents cannot close due to various reasons” she said.

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