Bodaboda training attracts 138 drivers

15Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Bodaboda training attracts 138 drivers

​​​​​​​A total of 138 motorcyclists (Bodaboda drivers) have graduated from a week-long training organised by the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) in Dar es Salaam.

Zonal Traffic Officer Abdi Issango (C) presents a certificate to bodaboda rider Joyce Mbembati (L) during a presentation ceremony in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Right is CEO of the Automobile Association of Tanzania Yusuf Ghor. Photo: Guardian Correspondent.

The training which was supported by city-based ASAS Group had targeted 500 motorcyclists, 363 registered and only 138 turned out for the training session.

Tanzania Zonal Traffic Officer  Abdi Issango presided over   presentation of the certificates to riders who passed their examinations during a ceremony held on Tuesday.

AAT vice-president for mobility and tourism, Justin Mwandu, on behalf of the association’s president Nizar Jivani, said the objective of the training was in line with UN’s target of reducing road fatalities by 50 per cent by the year 2030.

He thanked all stakeholders involved   in the training project that included ASAS group for funding, Tanzania traffic Police Zonal office for providing instructor, Traffic Police Education Unit for always assisting in various training projects undertaken by AAT.

Mwandu reiterated the need for traffic police to be strict in enforcing laws and ensure that no one is allowed to drive without securing a valid license to minimize road fatalities.

‘We earnestly request the traffic police to be very strict in enforcing laws to reduce deaths and injuries.

“No license should be given to anyone without going through approved training school like AAT & others. Also it is high time inspection should be carried out for checking the standard of helmets if they are approved by TBS and are of high quality. This will also help to contain severe injuries both to the Riders and passengers,” said Mwandu.

Chairman of Bodaboda drivers in Ilala district, Philipo Mtoro thanked AAT, FIA and ASAS for their endless efforts in conducting road safety projects including the latest.

He said they relish good cooperation from the trafficpolice and the spirit has to be maintained with an objective of improving road safety.

Over 5,000 stands as beneficiaries of AAT/FIA road safety training, said Mtoro as he thanks ASAS for funding the recent training session.

Mtoro requested the guest of honour to assist in organizing a data base for all riders hence they should have a new look with identifies, uniform.

He also urged to establish identities and special stickers that would differentiate between commercial motorcyclists, three-wheelers and an ordinary motorcyclists/three-wheelers.  

AAT Chief Executive Officer, Yusuf Ghor said a survey undertaken in two areas of Ilala district resulted in training only 138 riders despite extending the session for ten days more.

As per exam result it was established that riders lacked road safety signs knowledge. However, he said AAT would like to thank Boda Boda riders Ilala office for their full cooperation and Tanzania Police ZTO office for providing Instructor CPL Theresia Bayona.

Other stakeholders who were involved in the training were AAT Chief Instructor Samwel Salehe & Retired Abel Swai from Tanzania Traffic Police HQ.

“We are also requesting the police department to advise motorists who lack road sign knowledge to join driving school of their choice for driver’s refresher course.

Tanzania Zonal Traffic Officer, Abdi Issango thanked AAT for frequently conducting trainings and other road safety projects with an aim of reducing road fatalities or saving lives.

He hailed ASAS group for highly valuable generosity of funding the latest riders’ training.

He said all bodaboda riders should bear in mind that the government has allowed commercial transport to improve employment in good faith.

The ZTO said each motorcycle/three-wheelers must have mechanical fitness, good breaking system, tyres, horn, side mirrors, licensed 18 years and above rider, helmets for riders and passengers, insurance, rider must be sober and free from influence of alcohol or drugs, only one passenger at a time and moderate speed.

He insisted on bodaboda drivers to adhere to rules, regulations and laws of road traffic while making full use of the absorbed knowledge.

He warned riders to abstain from involvement in sexual activities with school girls, criminalities. Finally he requested riders to make use of the training opportunities so as to enjoy their job and assist in saving lives of pedestrians and passengers alike.

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