Bunge panel satisfied with Longido solar power project

14Nov 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Bunge panel satisfied with Longido solar power project

ENERGY and Minerals Parliamentary Committee has been satisfied with a project implemented by PowerCorner Engie firm that produces sustainable solar energy for more than 70 households in Ketumbeine Ward in Longido district.


Speaking on behalf of the Committee, the Committee’s vice chairperson Mariam Ditopile Mzuzuri said the work  being done by the company supports government efforts to ensure all villages get power for domestic use and productive activities.

She said: “I know the company is a business enterprise, but it is owned by an indigenous Tanzanian and it is important for him to see how to bring down power costs and we shall advise the government to waive some of unnecessary taxes.”

The director of PowerCorner Engie Eng Ngwisa Mpembe said the plant started operations in 2016 and serves 76 households in the village and has a capacity to serve up to 300 households.

He said the price is determined by the cost of investment and operations as well the market that depends on small power producers whenever they receive government subsidy.

He said the company lauds the cooperation it receives from the district government, and it also offers such services in other regions in the country, and added it has about 2,430 customers countrywide.

The Member of Parliament for Longido, Dr Steven Kiruswa said there had been  commendable progress in social services including water, health centres and power distribution in the short period of President John Magufuli tenure and urged the government to see the importance of investing in wind power in Longido district.

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