Canara Bank Tanzania donates desks and materials worth more than 10mln

12Oct 2021
Zuwena Shame
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Canara Bank Tanzania donates desks and materials worth more than 10mln

CANARA Bank Tanzania has donated desks and various school materials worth more than 10m/- to Kisutu primary school in Dar es Salaam to compliment the government’s efforts and support provision of quality education.

Speaking shortly after handing over the aid, Canara bank managing director Balaji Rao said the donation will increase studying morale among the pupils as well boost performance in examinations.

He said that the bank understands the value of education in building the future generation of the nation because education provided to children determines their future lives.

Rao said that teachers have been entrusted with their roles but the degree of their effectiveness and efficiency teaching has direct relationship with performance of the students.

“We understand the school performance is contributed by various factors but mostly are teachers, students themselves, teaching facilities as well as teaching environments. Therefore, we have decided to take this initiative to support the government with school facilities so that they can have better performance in their studies” Rao said.

He added: “In schools, that is where we get academicians like lawyers, doctors, members of parliaments and presidents. Hence having teaching facilities like desks will make many of them.   We believe these desks will enhance student’s academic performance and have a better future.”

Education Officer from Ilala city council, SiporaTenga urged other institutions to support the education sector by providing various educational facilities in schools so that students can learn well and in a good environment without any difficulties.

Canara bank general manager of operations, John Charles said that the 100 desks will help a number of children to stay in comfortable environments and thus concentrate on studies.

Kisutu primary school head teacher, Elizabeth Masawe commended the support saying that the 100 donated desks will accommodate 300 pupils.

Masawe said the school is facing various challenges but most of them are desks, hence the aid is helpful for the pupils to study in a friendly environment.

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