01Jul 2021
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A political party gives collective expression to the hopes and aspirations of different groups of people  in a society. Ruling political parties are mandated by the majority of the people to materialize their aspirations and ensure the prosperity of the society while safeguarding national interests.


It takes great trust by the people and a proven track record for a party to meet the people’s aspirations and to continue to secure the popular mandate to handle the affairs of state for a long time. As it commemorates 100 years since its founding, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has provided yet another example of how a visionary political party can maintain its role of being the light bearer for a country’s interest and development while at the same time remain in the hearts of its people. CPC has continuously earned the trust of the Chinese people. By any standards this is an impressive and enviable feat.

In my opinion, political parties across the globe, regardless of their political orientation can borrow a leaf from this achievement. Political parties play a key role in unifying the nation and ensuring its cohesiveness, which the CPC has remarkably achieved. CPC’s leadership model and its successive generations of leaders have upheld the Party’s original mission and the aspirations of its founding leaders thus enabling it to persevere through calm and rough waters and avoid derailment from its long term agenda.

The CPC Party has consistently shun universal vices in the politics, including corruption, indiscipline among Party cadres at all levels, nepotism, etc. It has instead ensured adherence to the rule of law, jealously safeguarded its sovereignty and territorial integrity while at the same time sustainably exploited its resources for the benefit of the Chinese people. It has, in the process, maintained its tradition of forging closer cooperation with friendly and likeminded parties across the globe.

Over the years, the CPC and its leaders have over the years managed to adapt to the ever-changing environment, both internally and externally. Internally, the economic preoccupations of majority of its members and their demographic makeup have dramatically changed, and externally a some quarters have heightened their expectations of the role that the CPC and China need to play in global affairs. In the midst of change, one constant has been CPC’s ability to provide leadership in the pursuit of socio-economic prosperity for the current generation and ensure stability for future generations.

The CPC has proven to the world that a country can choose and maintain a unique development path that suits its national conditions and still manage to realize economic development. We in the developing world continue to study carefully how the CPC led China, has managed to lift millions of its people out of poverty in a short period of time. The efforts by the Government of the People’s Republic of China for its continued efforts to create conducive environment for the Chinese people to reach even greater prosperity economically, socially and technologically is commendable. It is impossible to ignore the central role of the CPC in China’s success story.

The CPC epitomizes evolution by a political party aimed at remaining a relevant vehicle for public administration in a developing country. Thus, for many African developing countries, and as it is already being done by many parties on the continent, it is imperative that we continue to nurture good party-to-party relations with the CPC. These relations will act as an indispensable pillar by which to promote further the excellent country to country relations.

Relations between China and Tanzania can best be described as all weather and time tested. One cannot overstate the pivotal role our two political parties, that is the Communist Party of China and Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Party have played in cementing the relations. Since the inter – party relation was entered in 1978, each side has endeavoured to play its part in ensuring our relations grow from strength to strength, while maintaining mutual respect for each sides unique conditions. Despite being one of the oldest political party in Africa, CCM still continue to draw valuable experience from its brotherly party, the CPC. This has enabled CCM to maintain its relevance in the hearts of Tanzanians and to remain as the preferred political party in Tanzania since we attained out independence in 1961, amid changing political situations.

Now that Tanzania has managed to enter the middle income status country, five years ahead of schedule, CCM faces an arduous task to ensure the hard earned economic gains are safeguarded. Thus, as a custodian of the manifesto of a ruling party, it is imperative that CCM takes seriously its role of guiding the Tanzanian Government initiatives for the next five years. We in Tanzania look forward to a closer cooperation with our international friendly parties, including the CPC to support us in this undertaking. We are keen to translate our good political relations intoincreased economic opportunities particularly increased market base for our various agricultural produce and natural resources as well as attract more investment capital, which our friend China can provide in abundance.

On this note, I take this opportunity to wish a happy Centenary to the Communist Party of China (CPC). I wish its leaders and members another 100 years of success in the future!

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