Corporate social responsibility at its best in Dar

14Mar 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Corporate social responsibility at its best in Dar

While in his village in Kisarawe, standard one, Mussa Abraham was forced to leave his home to live with his uncle in Kinondoni, Magomeni when his mother died.

Since he was a little boy, Abraham did not know what death meant and thought his mother would reappear one day. Each day, his thoughts took him back to his mother’s home.

As days went by, Abraham kept asking himself why he had to live with his uncle’s family and not his own.
He felt lonely and could not understand what had happened to his parents who had offered him a home and security.

With nowhere to go to seek solace, he was forced to join his peers on the streets, claiming they offered him freedom.
“This made me to alternate between living on the streets and at home as my uncle would come to take me home before I would return to the streets,” he says.

Even though he preferred to live on the streets, the environment on the streets did not give him respite from hardships as he lived rough as a street beggar.After two years of living between streets and his uncle home, the bad thing come, his uncle died .

Life become very bad for him as his cousins evicted him from the house, this turned him into a permanent street person.
Life is the street was very bad for him as he will spend days without eating, this made him to think of looking for a place where he can seattle.

In search of a place he went to Magomeni Child Welfare where he asked the office to help him .
“ Luckly enough the child welfare took me to this place -Almadina Children’s Home where I am up to today, after being here, I have made my mind to learn and become a medical doctor, I know I will achieve it, ” said Abraham who is 13 years now .

The Almadina center enrolled him at Tandare Primary School and he is now in Standard Six .
Abraham shared his life journey when women from Lake Group company visited the center as part of celebrations to mark women’s day.

Martha Mwansasu who is Lake Group human resource manager (HRM) said as women they thought it wise to celebrate their day with the less privileged children at the center. She said this is the second time that they are visiting the center on women world day.

“As women we thought it wise to come here at Kwatumbo in Tandare and celebrate with our children here, we have given them various items which we believe will help them , its our believe that this donation will make a difference to children at this center ” she said.

Mwansasu also thanked their company chief executive officer Ally Awadhi for supporting women at the company by employing them in senor decision making post.

“As we celebrate women world day, we must also thank people who have done a lot to see that women are holding senior decision making positions, one of them is our group CEO who has made sure that there are women in top positions, we have a women head of sales, HRM and others, that is recommendable and we ask other companies and organizations to emulate that” she said .

Speaking earlier Jane Mwakapugi who is Lake Group documentation officer at Kibaha told the children at the center not to allow circumstances to take the best of them .

“Please aim high and work hard at school, do not allow circumstances to take the best of your keep your dreams and ambitions live, we are here to give you hope and encouragement , do not think you are alone, we are your mothers.

“ We are here because we know among you there is a future minister, teacher, doctor , engineer and even president of the nation, keep your hopes alive, ” she said.

The Almadina Children Center was established in 2006 to reach out to street children and other less privileged children are in secondary schools, four doing vocational courses the remaining are at primary school and nursery schools.

“We realise that children on the streets have no opportunities for school. We give them a chance to make a choice about their future” she says.

She, however lamented that the center faces a lot of challenges as it has no permanent donor depending on handouts from well wishers.

Juma who says rent the house (Kwatumbo) at more than 2.6m/- annually mentioned some problems which children at the center faces as lack of school uniforms, shoes and other school necessities .

“ We have 68 children, 20 of them are living here (Kwatumbo ) and others 48 at Vikawe, the major problem we are facing now is lack of space to accommodate many children and also finances as we do not have a permanent sponsor, ” she said .

She says it is not an easy job for the center to manage 68 children as they need school fees, food, clothing, and shelter, among other necessities.

“We have reached this far because of numerous donations and we would appreciate if more people would give towards this noble cause, to be honest I thank Lake Group for being one of our sponsors, last year we were about to be evicted from this house , but lake group women come to our rescue ”she said.