DC challenges youth groups engage in entrepreneurship activities

20Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
DC challenges youth groups engage in entrepreneurship activities

MASASI District Commissioner in Mtwara Region, Claudia Kitta has challenged youth to form groups and engage in entrepreneurship activities which include invention of charcoal briquette making machines.

Kitta made the statement over the weekend when addressing owners of a factory which manufactures charcoal briquette making machines which uses agricultural wastes from different crops such as rice, timber, maize, cashew nuts, ground nuts and coconut shells.

She said the government sensitizes people to establish small industries to boost the country’s economy as well as individual income. She added that it is through the factories that young Tanzanians would get jobs because the government cannot employ all the graduates.

“There are a number of opportunities in Mtwara Region; you must grab wisely to generate a good income,” said the DC calling upon the residents to learn from the inventors on how to make similar machines.

Director of the factory which manufacture’s charcoal briquette making machines, Abubakari Kushoka said they have been selling the machines to various stakeholders across the country. He said the machines can use agricultural wastes from various crops with a capacity to process between three and five tonnes of waste within ten hours.

Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) Manager in Southern Zone, Manise Mpotigwa said the project was designed as part of efforts to conserve the environment and control forest destruction and tree felling caused by charcoal making.

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