Debt collecting firm praises JPM SADC’s leadership role

03Sep 2019
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Debt collecting firm praises JPM SADC’s leadership role

YONO Auction Mart has commended President John Magufuli for assuming the Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC) chairmanship and described the move as a major step towards expediting country’s socio-economic development and the 16-member bloc.

President John Magufuli .

According to a statement issued by Yono management, President Magufuli chairmanship is something that most of Tanzanians must be proud of because of different opportunities that the nation will get from SADC countries.

“As Yono, we’re very happy for President Magufuli SADC chairmanship and  it is a great honour to all Tanzanians… his hard-working spirit will provide opportunity for Tanzania and all SADC members to advance—social, economically and politically,” a statement reads in part.

The debt collection firm said that it appreciates efforts made by the President Magufuli in the protection of the natural resources, fight against corruption, and clean-up ghost workers who had been a burden to the nation.

“Our president has shown the way especially in building key infrastructures, buying seven new planes, constructing new and modern standard railways SGR, stepping a bigger power project Stigler’s George… we must congratulate and support him because all he is doing is for the benefit of all Tanzanians,” the statement said

The firm reminded Tanzanians that voluntary tax payment tradition is among the best options to transform Tanzania from the notorious foreign budgetary support dependency to 100 per cent economic sufficiency.

In the statement, the firm stated that serious engagement in productive activities is yet another development avenue which should be augmented by proper record in revenue collection through compulsory issuance of receipts. It urged society to support President John Magufuli’s exemplary efforts to resuscitate the country’s economy.

“Effective use of the available resources in addition to appropriate revenue collection procedures will generate sufficient income to finance social services like education, water, health, infrastructure development among others. Magufuli has shown us the way,” the statement reads in part.

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