Digital platforms in partnership to simplify payments to business

17Nov 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Digital platforms in partnership to simplify payments to business

​​​​​​​WHILE Tanzania is keeping on adopting and benefiting in technological development in cashless mobile payment, M-Lipa has partnered with KwikPay to simplify payments to businesses from their end consumers.

Developed by DataVision International, M-Lipa is a cashless payment solution licensed under the Bank of Tanzania that enables businesses to make collections and disbursements via multiple cashless channels.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, M-Lipa manager, Magori Kihore said that the partnership between the two aims at ensuring better payment experience to businesses and their end consumers.

“This partnership aims at bringing specialization between both parties ensuring each party focuses on their strength at all times. We strongly believe that, with KwikPay our clients will have the best payment experience for their end consumers at all times,” Kihore pointed out.

Leader of KwikPay, Paschal Giki said that KwikPay is an application that bypasses the conventional USSD processes in the mobile money payment procedures.

“With KwikPay, M-Lipa business clients can enable their consumers to make payments safer and quicker with minimal steps via QR code or bypassed USSD steps. The two brands aim at ensuring both the business and the end consumer get the best payment solutions offering end to end solutions to our clients,” he said.

A move to improve cashless mobile payments which is enabled by development of the ICT technology in the globe, reflects a 5-year vision of President John Magufuli in improving Tanzanians’ living standards by using the ICT Technology.

When inaugurating the 12th Parliament in Dodoma on Friday, the president said since most of the activities in the world today depend on ICT technology’s creativity, his government will prioritize the same.

He said it will improve the use of mobile phones and the network to be accessed all over the country, and increasing internet users from 43 to 80percent.

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