Diplomatic spouses helpful in tourism promotion -envoy

18Mar 2019
The Guardian
Diplomatic spouses helpful in tourism promotion -envoy

HEAD of Socio Cultural Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy in Dar es Salaam has asked the Diplomatic Spouses Group (DSG) to take part in promoting the new Bali destinations.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam during a gathering of diplomatic spouses and Asian mamas community member, Joan Radina Setiawan, said that already Indonesia has launched a new tourism initiative.

The event was hosted over the weekend by the Spouse Group of Indonesian embassy in the city was attended by 54 members.

Setiawan said the new tourism initiative of the government of Indonesia is to promote the top 10 priority destinations that have been earmarked for accelerated development as ‘New Bali’ destinations.

The participants enthusiastically followed the presentations, upon hearing that there is still a lot more to discover in Indonesia beyond Bali, and considering those destination as their next holiday destination, he said.

For her part the wife of Indonesian ambassador to Tanzania Rospinde Parderde said the event has given them an opportunity to greetings, exchange new ideas and taste of Indonesian hospitality.

DSG participants also witnessed a cooking demonstration for two Indonesian dishes named gado-gado and Kue mata as well as a flower arrangement skill demo by an Indonesian lady.

The participants loved the dishes demonstrated and asked for a detailed recipe afterwards, she said.

Several participants particularly love the Gado-gado because it can be a tasty alternative for a vegetarian or for anyone currently on a diet program.

Some people also requested to get “tempe,” the fermented soybean cake which is also one of Indonesian specialties that gained popularity with the vegetarian community around the world.

The event was closed with Indonesian specialties, among others beef rendang, chicken sate, yellow-spiced fish, gado-gado, and some snacks (including kue lumpur and kue kacamata).