Dodoma City uplifts environmental cleanliness

14Sep 2018
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
Dodoma City uplifts environmental cleanliness

THE newly unveiled city of Dodoma is sprucing up environmental cleanliness so as to reach standards required for it to be the seat of government, that it is immaculate or has far reaching standards of cleanliness, clean roads in residential areas by employing a waste clearing company.

landfill sites

It is working with the city authorities by using its mechanised equipment to clean the city so as to live up to the required cleanliness standards.

Speaking at an exclusive interview, city director Edwin Kunambi has said that the objective of bringing into the fold the strength of private companies is to ensure that the seat of government is clean all the time, by using its agencies.

The main one is the environment agency where it ensures that it has the right facilities and supervision so as to be able to fulfill its responsibilities to take care of the environment, including planting trees all over the city.

“We are also organized to ensure that we provide education to households directly to ensure that they plant permanent tree seedlings including fruit trees, or ordinary trees for environmental protection.

This way the city shall in a few years be pleasing and attractive for investors and guests coming to invest in our city, but also the coming generations to be able to comprehend the importance of environmental care where habitations exist.

All the same, despite many challenges the city authorities face in providing environmental care education, there are section of the public, there are some sections, but we shall continue to provide education so as to ensure that city residents are educated in environmental conservation as it is our collective responsibility.

Similarly the city director has appealed to traders and investors in Dodoma region to provide cooperation to build a culture of environmental conservation and being clean in their own premises where they conduct business.

That includes industries ensuring that they protect the environment and following procedures set out by the city authorities, like observing various by-laws including those relating to the environment.

He has also said that if each of us carries out his or her responsibilities in relation to environment, our city will be an example of clean cities in the country and outside. But we shall also attract investors to set up shop in various productive sectors in particular zones of this city, and one among attractions to invest must be added cleanliness of the city all the time.

Kunambi continued to ask investors in various regions and outside to invest in the seat of government on account of having priorities for investments.

These include city planning in the sense that the city is being planned to design set out by city planners, having well identified streets, setting out areas of investments in areas like industrial sector, education and health, as well as sports areas. This is meant to enable city residents receive the right services as provided by the city.

He said that already investment attractions are in place on the basis of what the city can do at present. This includes construction of a modern bus stand with storeyed facilities/offices, , with space to park more than 250 passenger buses at one moment.

That would also leave space for small passenger vehicles including taxis and tricycles where each type of vehicles will be allotted its proper space.

There will also be space for big and small shops which shall provide an opportunity for investors especially from Dodoma to take up the chance to obtain space to set up business. This big investment is appended to the building of the main market in Nzuguni area in the city.

He similarly observes that this process of implementation of city plans goes hand in hand with building the garden area, which shall make the city of Dodoma attractive with a modern garden. It will have various services which will be operated by the city, and whose construction has already started.

The completion of the three projects will make the city of Dodoma make progress in creating the image of having areas for investments with an appealing look for investors, along with city residents seeing it as the right place to put their investments.

The city director has paid gratitude to President Dr John Magufuli in entrusting him with responsibilities to think up different projects for this city.

This includes improvement of revenue collection from various sources as well as creatively thinking of new sources, all of which enabled the city for the financial year 2017-2018 to collect around 26billion/- and where for this financial year 2018/2019 the city expects to collect more than 60billion/-.

This arises from efficiency of city council employees and well ordered supervision, as well as avoiding acts of corruption due to having made supervision of discipline a core requirement.

There has also been procedure for city council employees in generating motivation from them so as to get the right attitude and efficient work input. This way they will anchor themselves in executing their responsibilities without being under pressure or signals that arise from acts of corruption in supervising revenue collection from various trading areas in Dodoma.

On his part, the head of environment and forests, Dickson Kimario has issued an appeal to city residents to conserve wastes in barrels located in various areas so that waste collection vehicles empty the barrels for hauling to a dump just outside the city of Dodoma which has the size of 40 hectares. It suffices for collecting all the wastes from the city.

Kimario has also asked the residents and traders in the city of Dodoma to provide cooperation with the waste removal company in areas used for shops and residence. They should pay the dues that have been set out in by-laws as part of their contribution to removal of wastes, so as to enable Green West Co. to improve its services to keep the city clean and in a good environment for purposes of proper conservation.

He has vowed to continue providing education to city residents on protecting the environment, including understanding the change from the old to the new Dodoma.

The current one is a city and it has its status when it comes to cleanliness and thus the matter ought to be taken on board by all city residents and traders. Those who shall violate directives on cleanliness will have measures taken upon them, including paying fines and other relevant penalties.

The head of environmental protection said that the city has lined up a modern street cleaning equipment boarded on a vehicle that collects wastes and sweeps the road as well as scrubbing it clean.

This cleaning system is now in operation as part of efforts to give the city the image of capital of the country such that it is clean all the time. He specifies that in the tree planting campaign some of the city residents have received the exercise with both hands,, and the city authorities continue to provide education so that visitors coming to the country are made to participate in the tree planting exercise.

It will make the city take an appealing look by having shading trees and eradicate the desert condition which arises out of depletion of the ozone layer.

He urged heads of colleges along with public secondary and primary schools plus private ones to plant trees in their school areas which will enable the schools have a wealth of trees, enabling students to study in cooler areas and rest, thus making the schools modern in their outlook.

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