Don’t waste another year with an old mentality

14Jan 2018
Eliana Mwibari
Guardian On Sunday
Don’t waste another year with an old mentality

HAPPY New Year everyone. Wow, 2018 is finally here. I am super excited and believe you too are exited. 2017 is gone and now we have a brand new year that comes with brand new opportunities, blessings, chances, lessons and, of course, new challenges.

But all in all I believe we are all excited because we have been granted a brand new chance or opportunity to make things right, and to do even more amazing things for ourselves and for the world at large.


So, I want to congratulate you all for making it, God has been good to us and guess what, He has a lot for us in store for 2018. All we have to do is to make sure that we align ourselves to what exactly.


He wants us to do, align ourselves to our purposes and work and walk towards that direction and if we commit ourselves to doing that I can guarantee that 2018 will be a year of your breakthrough.


With all the excitement we have right now I don’t want us to get carried away and forget the most important things that we are supposed to be doing in order not to get off track.


Because in order for 2018 to be a great year for us we need a focus and a lot of things being approached differently and the reason is, if you think 2017 was not a successful year for you, then if you bring your old mentality to 2018 then what do you expect! You will end up exactly where you ended up in 2017.


So, if you want 2018 to be different for you then you have got to find a different approach towards 2018 because it is said that you can never get different results doing what you have been doing over and over again, and for things to change you have got to change first.


I would like to start with a statement that  says “It is not the movement of the clock that produces the newness of life but it is the movement in your mind that does. Yes, the clock ticked and 2017 finally came to an end and, guess what? The clock didn’t stop ticking when 2018 came; it kept on ticking.


Most of us believe that we have a brand new life and, most of all, we think things are going to be different. If that’s your mentality then think again because you still live in the same house, go to the same job.


You are still married to the same husband or wife, which is a good thing because never in a million years will I suggest that you change a wife or a husband. What I am talking about here is that in order for your life’s circumstances to change you have to renew your mind, change your thinking.


I believe most of us were not happy with the results we got in 2017, Now we have a brand new chance to change things, and that begins with the changing of our minds. Don’t let the old mentality, the old habits, rob you of becoming a better you. Let this New Year bring out the new you.


When this year brings out the new you then you are likely to get new outcomes in this year, and that will be a beginning of the new you for the rest of your life.


Now, most of the time what separates us from becoming new us and the best us is transformation. We are so attached to our old habits, our old mentality, that we deny ourselves a chance to experience the future. We are so attached to letting other people’s opinions dictate our outcome in life


We are afraid of change, we are so comfortable in our comfort zones that we forget that there is a better life out there waiting for us to grab it and live to the fullest.


We are scared of the possibility to change, the desire to evolve the passion to get off the ground and making that baby step to change. And the real battle is not in the physical; the real battle is in the mind, and most of the time we find ourselves fighting the wrong enemy. We fight with what people say about us. Remember, it’s not what people say about you but what you say about yourself.


As a famous African proverb says, “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” You are your own enemy, you are your own obstacle and you stop yourself from becoming great by what you think of yourself and what you believe and say of yourself -  that is what threatens your destiny.


You will never be defeated by what they say about you; you will be defeated by what you say about yourself. Just like a new house or a new car or a new outfit won’t make you a different person, your old mind will never give you a new life. You will only have a new life after changing your thinking.


You can’t step into the future carrying an old mind. It’s New Year and you have to fix your mind before you can bestow the blessings.


Today is the fourteenth day since we got in 2018 and the statistics show that more than 90 per cent of people have already broken their New Year’s resolutions, and as I was thinking of it I came to realize that most of the people actually never make their New Year’s resolutions, but what they make is wishes for the New Year.


There is a great difference between a wish and a resolution. A wish is something that you would like to happen miraculously without working for it, or just somebody else bring it or do it for you; but a resolution is something that you want to achieve and you actually get down to taking action to actually  get it or make it happen.


So, my simple question is: did you make a New Year’s wish or resolution? Some people never even try to make resolutions because they simply never follow them up through. So, they save the trouble and live life just as how it is, because they have been disappointing themselves over the years and see that there is no reason to try as nothing will change.


So, my suggestion here is, make a daily resolution. Of course, have your yearly resolution and break it down to a daily resolution and make sure that every day you accomplish just a little bit of your big goals. The baby steps count and you will be surprised how much change you will make in a year.


Let’s face it, most of the people get discouraged when they don’t see any progress towards what it is that they want and, honestly speaking, it’s a best feeling when you finally see that you are making progress towards your goal. It gives you a great motivation when you see those small steps happening.


So, instead of focusing on a resolution that you can’t work on, or instead of having wishes, make a daily resolution. Make sure that you have goals for a day and commit yourself to doing it and before you know it you will have accomplished a goal that once looked too big to be accomplished.


Another thing that you might consider doing is following your heart. As human beings we are created with intuition. Most of the time it leads us to what exactly we are supposed to be doing. It’s like a road map that knows where you are going and all you have to do is make sure you listen to the directions and follow them.


But what happens is most of the time we don’t listen to that inner voice; we don’t listen to our intuition and we choose to follow what our brains see and think is best to do at that particular time.


Pay close attention to your feelings, no matter how good something looks to be. If you don’t feel right, walk away. If you don’t feel good about it then chances are it is not the right thing to do.


Have you ever been in a situation where you want to do something and there is an inner voice telling you, ‘Don’t do it,’ and you ignore it and go out and do that thing anyway? And somehow it backfires on you and that little voice comes back and tells you, ‘I told you it’s not the right thing to do, you see what has happened now?’ And we end up beating ourselves, blaming ourselves wishing we could have listened to that little voice.


All the time our intuition is there to lead us to the right direction. Maybe you have a new  business idea or you want to resign from your job and that inner voice is telling you something because it’s always there and it leads us to the right direction. All we have to do is listen to it.


So, as you begin the New Year it’s necessary that you listen to your inner self because it’s the way that we are connected to our Creator who knows when and how you should go about with your life.


So, listen to your inner self, follow your intuition, don’t let your brain lead you. Don’t let other people’s ideas be your road map. You are created with your own road map, so follow it.


Whatever comes out of your heart is much wiser than whatever comes from your brain. Most of the time when we face problems what we do is we rush into our brain and try to find answers but I can guarantee you that if you listen to your heart you will get a proper solution to your problem.


Last, but not least, I would like to encourage you to feel good about life. Appreciate what you already have, no matter where you find yourself right now, even if you used to have everything and now everything is gone. Believe me, it’s meant to work to your advantage because everything happened for a reason.


If you start to appreciate what you have you are giving yourself the joy of life, and by so doing you are aligning yourself to receiving even more opportunities, more chances of getting more out of this life.


Practice gratitude every single day; get excited about life because, as we all know, whatever that you give or put into the world will definitely come back to you. So, if what you give to the world is complaints, anger, laziness, then guess what you are going to get? More of the very same things. But if you begin this year appreciating what’s already yours, it doesn’t matter how small it is the universe will make a way to bring more to you.


Life is good and is meant to be enjoyed by all of us. So, don’t deny yourself a chance to live to the fullest. Get rid of your old and negative thinking, live your life and don’t waste another year with the old mentality.

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