EAC develops youth, children's policies agenda

20Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
EAC develops youth, children's policies agenda

THE East African Community (EAC) has developed and is implementing youth and children's policies and to facilitate the participation of children and youth in the regional integration agenda. The trading bloc has also developed Child Friendly Versions of the policies and facilitators’ guides.

EAC Principal Gender and Community Development Officer, Generose Minani revealed this recently in Arusha when speaking at launch of the ‘Raising the Flag’ Project to promote the engagement of youth and children in the EAC integration process.

The event was held at the Turkish Maarif School and the SOS Children’s Village in Arusha ‘Raising the Flag’ is an EAC sensitization initiative that will be implemented in collaboration with Save the Children International and organisations under the East African Civil Society Organisations Forum and the East African Youth Network.

The Raising the Flag project has been developed in response to, Article 120 (c) of the Treaty for establishment of the East African Community which provides for the adoption of a common approach for involvement of children and youth in the integration process through education, training and mainstreaming children and youth issues into the EAC policies, projects and programs for strategic interventions.

The Raising the Flag project builds on the efforts of the EAC Secretariat to engage children and youth in matters that affect them as espoused in the EAC Youth and Children Policies.

The initiative seeks to popularise the EAC Anthem, provide flags and flagpoles in all schools in EAC Partner States. For sustainability, the project will establish ‘EAC Integration Clubs’ and conduct sensitisation sessions with patrons of the clubs, teachers, heads of the schools and the students themselves.

According to the official, the pilot phase of the project is ongoing in SOS Children’s Village Schools and will scale up to an annual target of 600 primary and secondary schools in all EAC Partner States.

All participating schools will raise the EAC flag and with active EAC Clubs participating in debates, writing competitions, cultural galas, exchange visits and other EAC Integration activities.

Minani also commended the Turkish Maarif Schools for the Partnership with the SOS Children’s Village in Arusha and the blended approach of educating orphans and vulnerable children together with all children from the community.

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