Emirates Tanzania country manager to move to Sudan

21Jun 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Emirates Tanzania country manager to move to Sudan

EMIRATES has announced management rotations across its commercial operations team in Africa, the Middle East, Far East and Europe, positioning UAE talent in key markets and global commercial roles.

Majid Al Falasi outgoing Emirates country manager

Under this rotation, Majid Al Falasi, currently Country Manager Tanzania, will take on the role of Country Manager, Sudan, while Abdulla Adnan, currently Commercial Support Manager will replace him as Country Manager in Tanzania.

Having taken over the Tanzania office early 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic found Mr Majid Falasi in Dar es Salaam. He remained optimistic despite the gloom and doom as the airline took measures to ensure that passengers are safe throughout their journeys.

Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer for Emirates Airline said: “We have a great talent pool of UAE nationals, and we continue to invest on them and provide them with growth opportunities to take their careers to the next level. Our hope is to build a strong leadership pipeline that will support the UAE’s strategic economic vision and drive Emirates and UAE aviation into the next 50 years of growth. I am confident in our newly appointed managers’ ability to further strengthen our commercial presence, and respond dynamically to serve our customers and partners in a fast changing travel landscape.”

Emirates’ commercial team members will assume their new roles from 1 July. Others included under the rotation are; Saeed Abdulla Miran, currently Country Manager Hong Kong, will take on the role of Country Manager Philippines and Reema Al Marzouqi, will take on the role of Country Manager Bahrain.

Mohamed Taher, currently Commercial Support Manager to be posted as Commercial Support Manager in Kenya, while Rashed Salah Al Ansari, will move to Emirates’ Global Sales unit as Key Account Controller.

Hamad Al Ali, will move to Emirates’ UAE Sales team as a Business Development Manager and Mohammed Alqassim, will take on the role of Country Manager Cyprus.

Emirates’ commercial outstation programme is a unique leadership programme that grooms UAE nationals into taking on future leadership positions. As part of the programme, role rotations help UAE Nationals build their skills and expertise by broadening their exposure across the airline’s diverse global commercial operations roles.

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