Fast rules and principles about money

21Jan 2018
Guardian On Sunday
Fast rules and principles about money

LAST week we looked at the one aspect that can change one’s entire life when applied in one’s life, and that’s none other than the change of our minds.

For decades we have been getting the same kind of results in our life. We have been trying so hard to change our lives by getting better results, but the truth is for most of us we have not been able to do that, and that led to most of us to be discouraged and some even gave up on their dreams.

So last week we went deep and looked at how changing our minds can be a game changer for us, and that it’s not the movement of the clock that gives newness of life but the movement or renewal of our minds.

Once you change your mindset, once you give up your old thinking and completely take a new approach of life I guarantee that everything is going to change for you, and we concluded that in order for us to have different and better outcomes in 2018 we can’t move into it with the old kind of thinking.

So today we are going to be touching a very sensitive topic, and that’s none other than money. We are going to be discussing different key points or in other ways I can say we are going to be looking at the dos and don’ts of money.

We all know that if there is one thing that everybody  around the world is searching for is money. People wake up in the morning every single day and go to work; it’s all because they are searching for money. Some wake up early in the morning in their entire life going to do business just for one goal - money!

Children go to school to pursue education but at the end of the day they are to pursue a certain kind of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if they end up being employed or self-employed, but the goal is to get money.

Of course we all do what we do to bring value to each other’s life, but in exchange for that we get money so we can all agree that money is a very sensitive issue.

So, since it is the beginning of the year and since money is one thing we have in common because we are all searching for it in one way or the other, we are going to be looking at different rules about money.

We are going to be looking at the reasons why some people have money while others don’t? Or why it is that you can give the same amount of money to different people and within a few days one might have lost all of it and the other might have grown it. What makes the difference between the two guys? Does money have rules? We are going to find out.

Before we go any further I would like to ask you a simple question, which I don’t need you to answer. I need you to answer to yourself. In your entire life how much money has gone through your hands?

Since the time you were back in school you used to get money from your parents or guardians, and then you got employed or you employed yourself. I want you to get the total sum of all the money that you have ever earned in your entire life.

After you have the total amount I want you to tell me this: how much do you have right now? How much do you have in your wallet or your purse or hand bag, or how much do you have in your bank account as you are reading this? How much savings or investments came from your income do you have? I can bet my last shilling that for most of us we are not happy with what we have left.

It’s either you have nothing at all, or even what you have left is a disappointment to you, and if you are like most of us the one reason that you are not happy is not that you have not been earning money or even you have not been smart with your money. The one reason you don’t have any money is because you don’t know how to play the money game – that simple.

I have been a victim of this for a long time and I had to find a way to rescue myself from this tragedy and I have done a study about not only on money, but on successful people, on people who were once victims and somehow they figured it out and were able to come up with some rules and principles that helped them to overcome this problem and we are going to directly jump into a number of rules that once you follow them and really implement they you will definitely get out of this tragedy that have been facing a lot of people not only in our country but all across the globe.

I want you to pay attention to rule number one as it is the most important of all, though the others are quite important as well and should not be left behind or given little attention. Number one is a big deal.

Rule number one: Money is a game! And the great thing about any game is that no matter what game you play, the more you play it the better you get at it, period.

If I have played basket ball a hundred times and you have played fifteen times when we compete am eventually going to bit you it’s a simple fact. But the best thing about any game is you can always learn and get better at it and eventually become a champion at it.

So, as simple as it sounds I just want to assure you that money is a game and if you want to acquire it learn it, get better at it and most of all play it.

Rule number two: Don’t be a hater of money! If you hate money you are probably not going to get money. I know you might be surprised and ask yourself, who doesn’t like money?

And I will tell you this, you might think that you love money but subconsciously you really are negative when comes to money, just try take a close look at your conversations about money, are you among a group of people who used statements like, money doesn’t grow on trees or you believe that all rich people are evil and somehow they used evil ways to get their money, or you have a belief that since you were born in a poor family you can never make more money than you could ever need or if you are a believer of money being a source of all evils trust me you will never be able to get money unless you change your belief.

This reminds me of a famous quote by Albert Einstein which says that whatever you believe about something being wrong or right you are both right. See, what most people don’t understand is money doesn’t love haters, and for those who understand the law of attraction will agree with me that whatever you think and believe is exactly what you are going to manifest, even if you are doing it subconsciously your mind will believe it and you will forever be complaining that you never have enough money.

The truth is you do create your truth or your reality with what you say not necessarily believes because your subconscious mind is a part of your mind that can’t differentiate between what’s wrong and what’s right. Whatever that you use about money on your daily basis will eventually become your truth.

Rule number three: Money is a double game! And what I mean with this is that the entire game is about doubling your money, just imagine if you have one million in your bank account right now, you are ten times double to ten million.

If you have ten million then you are ten doubles to get to a hundred million, now don’t say well I don’t have a million shilling this applies to any amount of that you have at the moment even if you have two hundred thousand in your account you are five double to get to a million shillings, it’s just the matter of finding a way to keep doubling it.

And how long it’s going to take you to reach to a desired amount is totally up to you because there is where the game is. By the way do you have a target on how much you want to have at the end of this year?

Because by having a goal it makes the game even more competitive as you have to make sure you score so that you get to your goal so have a target that before the end of 2018 I want to have a certain amount in and it’s important that you name it don’t just say I want to have a lot of money, there is nothing like a lot of money be specific.

If you are not specific then it’s like travelling but not knowing where your final destination what will happen is you will never know even when you get there because you did not even realize that you are moving in a first place.

And it is said that if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there! So, set a specific goal of the amount that you want to acquire and work hard to get there, and don’t try to use short cuts as they will cut you short. And the most important things you need to have is your risk tolerance as well as the time horizon.

Take a risk be persistent work hard and have a fixed amount of time that you need to get to your goal and the reason is simple when you know how much you need to have and the amount of time you need then you can break that amount in order to know how many doubling you need to do and how much you need let’s say in a week or a month or quarterly.

Rule number four: Timing! Get me right here, when I say timing I am not talking about knowing what’s the best time to invest in a certain company or a perfect time for a certain kind of business or project, well that’s important but it’s a whole other talk about timing in business.

What am talking about here is the fact that you know how to run your business, knowing what to cut out in order to expand your business into new territories. Cutting down staff for the intention of cutting down the costs just to make sure you put yourself in a position where your business keeps on growing and becoming stable.

Still so many rules to learn about money; so stay tuned for next week….