Irena agency highlights importance of renewable energy for Africa

23May 2020
The Guardian
Irena agency highlights importance of renewable energy for Africa

​​​​​​​AFRICA has a wealth of renewable energy sources with the capacity to meet the basic economic development needs of its people, stresses the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) in a report released on Thursday.

By 2030 the continent could meet about 23 percent of the region's essential energy demand through these resources, which are abundant and prolific in almost all countries, says the text called Global Renewable Outlook 2020.

According to Irena's studies, many countries that do not border the Mediterranean Sea, known as sub-Saharan Africa, will have the highest proportion of alternative energy in their total primary energy supply.

Endowed with immense natural resources, Africa has embarked on a transforming energy path and the territories located on approximately 85 percent of its surface area have the potential to deploy programs to exploit them in a sustainable manner, according to the international organization.

It also warns that the energy revolution must be accelerated in order to alleviate the immediate challenges of all nations, while contributing to the creation of jobs, the promotion of industrial development and the growth of human well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic multiplies existing risks and vulnerabilities, warns Irena, and urges continued work now on the development of renewable energy to increase the capacity to address the health crisis and economic downturn in the region

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