Island residents in L.Victoria build a school under police supervision

13Feb 2020
The Guardian
Island residents in L.Victoria build a school under police supervision

​​​​​​​RESIDENTS of Kweru Mtondogo island in Ukerewe district have been forced to build a primary school in order to save the lives of their children who had to cross the lake by canoes to attend classes  at a neighbouring island.

Mwanza Regional Commissioner John Mongella.

Speaking at a public rally in the island Ukerewe District Commissioner Cornel Magembe said Shikizi primary school was built under police supervision as a group of people emerged claiming the area is their grandparents’ graveyard, but the real aim was to derail the construction of the school.

He said in the past children were forced to board canoes to go to school from the neighbouring island, the daily to and fro trips that were very inconvenient and hazardous to them.

”This school project that has cost 33m/- with contributions from the District Executive Director, the wananchi, NMB Bank, and 193 bags of cement from the Member of Parliament Constituency Fund,” said Magembe.

Earlier, the chairman of Ukerewe District Council who is also Kanguli Ward Councilor George Nyamaha explained on the determination by the wananchi to provide education for their children and were ready to complete the project   so that it can be registered.   

The Mwanza Regional Commissioner John Mongella hailed the residents of the island for the development, saying there are many other areas with many more people but lack mobilization to build a school.

He promised to follow up the construction of two remaining classrooms and toilets so that the school gets full registration as soon as possible.

On his part, the regional education officer Michael Ligola said the school needs registration to save children from inconveniences and will see to it that it gets registration.

Frank Vicent and Yusta John, residents of the island said they decided to build the school because sometimes their children failed to go to school if there are storms and high winds in the lake.

They started with a makeshift structures that were used as classrooms and then asked the government for assistance, including registration.