It’s law enforcement, not harassment – Fisheries Minister

16Feb 2021
The Guardian
It’s law enforcement, not harassment – Fisheries Minister

Blue Economy and Fisheries Minister Abdulla Hussein Kombo has thrown out the notion that fishermen are been harassed by patrol officers.

Responding to a question by Tumbatu Representative Haji Omar Kheri, the minister said the government will continue to enforce the laws and regulations that govern use of water body resources including the ocean.

The minister pointed that there is a rise in illegal fishing in conservation areas and made it clear that the government will not stand by.

"We have a case whereby fishermen are trespassing into conservation areas, now that is unacceptable…so when the law takes its cause, it is not a matter of harassment its law enforcement to protect the environment and preserve our natural resources,” he explained.

The Minister was emphatic in his call for fishermen to strictly follow the laws and regulations surrounding the fishing industry and also warned against the use of banned fishing gear which further damages the environment and causes over fishing.

Earlier in his question, the Tumbatu Representative Haji Kheri had alleged that fishermen were been harassed by patrol officers.

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