KariakooMarket Corp unveils plans to bring services closer to Dar city

22Feb 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
KariakooMarket Corp unveils plans to bring services closer to Dar city

​​​​​​​THE Kariakoo Markets Corporation (KMC) has unveiled plans to implement more mega projects in the city of Dar es Salaam so as to expand trade and bring services closer to the people.

KMC is the biggest and busiest food-items market serving traders from Tanzania and other countries like Comoros, Zambia, Malawi, Mauritius, and Kenya.

Corporation’s general manager Heston Msalale, says that the corporation has recorded a number of achievements in the past five years, something which has also expanded revenue collections.

In its strategies, the corporation plans to implement three major projects which include the construction of a new big and state-of-the-art commercial building worth 23bn/- at Kariakoo area.

“We want to see our traders working in a conducive environment but also attract more customers from inside and outside the city,” Msalale says, unveiling that a modern market will be constructed at Mbezi Beach area in Kinondoni District at the tune of 500m/-.

“KMC will also construct another market at Tabata Bima area in Ilala District, all these projects are meant to support the government’s efforts of bringing essential services closer to the community,” he adds, noting that KMC management, board, and staff recognized the Fifth-Phase government for its massive investments which have in turn transformers several sectors including trade and markets.

According to him, in the past five years, the corporation has recorded an increase of income from 2.1bn/- in 2015/16 to 4.01/- in the 2020/21 fiscal year which is an increase of 47.4percent due to strong improvement measures taken by the government.

The corporation has managed to improve cleanliness especially in waste management which is a good step towards fighting epidemic diseases, he says.

“The corporation has also financed the installment of CCTV cameras so as to strengthen security in the area. We want our traders and customers to work and shop freely while we guarantee their safety.”

The corporation has installed CCTV cameras with the aim of enhancing the protection and security of the market and traders’ properties as well as customers visiting the facility for various needs, the official reveals.

Another achievement is to improve the business environment with the aim of increasing the corporation's revenues by building various infrastructure such as 94 business stalls around the main building of the market, 19 shops at Tandamti Street

He says that the number of shops increased in these five years is 132 stores. The increase in these stores has resulted in an increase in average revenue of 66m/-per month which is equivalent to 792m/- per annum.

Along with the construction of shops, the corporation has improved various business areas, including the construction of roofs in the open market area, as part of the strengthening of revenue collections from traders.

Other successes include funding for the preparation of a 24-hour business at the market, where various areas around the facility have been installed with 24 CCTV Cameras with the aim of strengthening security and safety.

The corporation has succeeded in improving the working environment of employees by adding equipment such as computers and office furniture, purchasing a new car, and building their capacity to perform their duties effectively and provide employment to young people.

The manager said that the corporation has managed to pay a contribution to the Central Government whereby in the 2018/2019 to 2019/2020 Financial Year, it has paid a total of 90m / -.

The corporation has successfully drafted an amendment to the corporate law so that goes in line with the current situation whereby the two shareholders—Dar es Salaam City Council and Treasury Registrar have provided their opinions. The next step, he said is to gather the views of other stakeholders to finalize the draft and submit it to the President's Office, Regional Administration, and Local Government (PO-RALG).

He clarifies that KMC continues to streamline the boundaries of the areas owned by the corporation through the Surveying and Mapping Department of the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Human Settlements Development, to ensure those areas are protected in the interests of the corporation and avoid encroachment.

Other issues include the restoration of ownership of the corporation's apartment building located in the Tabata BIMA area which was sold through a court auction. In addition, the corporation has also successfully restored its encroached area of Mbezi Beach Makonde (Plots No. 2002 to 2003) with a size of 6,119 square meters.

He also said that for the past five years (2015/2016 to 2019/2020), KMC has successfully provided employment to 45 new employees of whom, 29 are permanent employees and 16 are contract employees.

Msalale says KMC; the Fifth-Phase has given its full leadership in accordance with Parliamentary Act No. 36 of 1974, which established the corporation by facilitating the formation of the Board of Directors by appointing the Chairman of the Board and also the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation who is the General Manager.

It is important to note that KMC from 1999 to 2015 December, did not have the leadership and administration defined in its Act used to establish the corporation, he says, noting that leadership vacuum poses a number of challenges to the market.

In addition, during the 16 years of lack of leadership, the corporation entered into huge debts including PAYEE, SDL, and Land Tax to the government, which amounted to 1.3bn/-.

Msalale says that KMC during this period has managed to have a budget increase of 47.38 percent from 2.11bn/- for the 2015/2016 financial year to 4.11bn/-in this financial year 2020/2021.

“This growth of the corporation's budget has been an average of 8.1 percent annually.”

One of the traders at the market Ali Shija lauded the market’s management for the new transformation, saying: “At the moment the hygiene and security situation has improved significantly and we can do our business more comfortably.”

He advises KMC management to invest in similar market facilities in other parts of Dar es Salaam to bring services closer to city dwellers.

Judith Magoto, a Dar es Salaam resident commends KMC for expanding its services but advised it to continue improving its buildings including cleanliness so as to fight diseases.

“We hail the efforts but we are also calling for the cooperation to conduct more improvements especially in the area of cleanliness so as to attract more traders and customers,” she says.

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