Kenya to host 7 th 2021 PIDA week

22Nov 2021
Angel Navuri
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Kenya to host 7 th 2021 PIDA week

The 2021 Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa Week (PIDA Week) will take place from 6 th to 14 th December in Nairobi, Kenya under the theme“Putting Africa on a firm footing for recovery, growth, and resilience through Infrastructure”

The 7 th edition of PIDA Week is being organized by the African Union Commission (AUC), AUDA NEPAD, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in collaboration with the Kenya government.

The main objective of the PIDA Week is to provide a marketing platform for selectedPIDA Projects in order to accelerate their implementation.

Over a five-day period, participants will discuss how to double and synergize theirefforts to accelerate projects preparation and implementation; mobilize adequatefinancial and technical resources for projects;  increase private sector participation inPIDA implementation; and mobilize Member States to integrate the PIDA projectsinto their national development plans.

The 2021 PIDA week on programmes for showcasing the construction, and operation ofAfrica infrastructure projects support the existing government policies to expandinfrastructure development in Kenya. During the PIDA Week, Kenya has identified thefollowing projects for showcasing.

LAPSSET Corridor Program Lamu Port, ICT parks in Konza Techno city and NairobiExpressway.

The three major PIDA “Corridor” projects as facilitators of job creation and economictransformation at the continental, regional, national and local levels.

According to the concept note that was made available to the Guardian the mainobjectives of the 7th PIDA Week are to: Provide a platform to showcase and deliberate on inclusiveness in infrastructure development in Africa through the PIDA Integrated Corridor Development Approach

Showcase progress made in the implementation of PIDA projects and relatedinitiatives and share lessons and experiences on the implementation of PIDA projectsProvide an opportunity for project owners and stakeholders to network, mobiliseresources for proposed and ongoing projects, address crucial issues around policyand project enabling environment, hence accelerating project implementation

And showcase possible economic development opportunities along the PIDACorridors as presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) invarious sectors as a necessary tool for continental integration towards boostingintra-African trade, job creation and economic development on the continent

The anticipated outcomes from the PIDA Week are:Provide a platform for advocacy of implementation of priority PIDA Projects as part of anenhanced communications strategy to act as a catalyst for Africa to attain and deepenEconomic Integration and the relevant targets set under Agenda 2063.

Mobilise resources for project preparation and conduct market sounding for more advanceprojects.

Facilitate cross sectoral linkages to continental Infrastructure Projects and facilitate sharinglessons and experiences on the implementation of PIDA projects.

And promote private sector participation in PIDA and provide a marketplace to showcasePIDA Projects PIDA Week aims to bring together international and regional expertise from multiplestakeholders to deliberate on the issues around infrastructure delivery in Africa, andthose related to PIDA.

It will focus on how Africa can lead the way in the delivery ofinfrastructure in a post-COVID era, supporting the economic and social imperativesof the continent in the digital age.

In addition to the typical issues impacting on infrastructure delivery on the continent,PIDA Week will consider thematic issues such as:Infrastructure priorities in the PIDA PAP II Financial requirements of PIDA PAP II projects need project preparationfunding Market sounding of advanced PIDA PAP II projects Post-COVID 19 infrastructure financing, delivery, and resilience The critical role of infrastructure in the implementation of AfCFTA and for postCOVID-19 Recovery COVID-19 impact of reduced economic growth and changes in investmentand exports patterns on the continent

The likely transformation in demand for and consumption of transport,energy, ICT and social infrastructure.Value Proposition.

PIDA Week has evolved and grown to become the flagship advocacy and marketing event forthe PIDA programme and specifically projects in need of financing. The format of the eventprovides an opportunity to engage and exchange information on PIDA and infrastructuredevelopment in general.

PIDA Week also considers the mandate of AUDA-NEPAD for programme delivery acrossvarious sectors underpinned by infrastructure. It is positioned to deliver value internally andexternally by promoting a multi-sectoral ‘integrated corridor approach’ that links all sectorsto infrastructure development and stimulates spatial economic development along the PIDAcorridors.

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