Lindi councilors challengedon accountability through activecitizenship

10Feb 2020
The Guardian
Lindi councilors challengedon accountability through activecitizenship

COUNCILORS in Lindi municipality have been challenged to listen and find solution to various problems facing citizens to win trust and enhance public confidence on leaders.

Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG), Commissioner, Amina Talib Ali made the statement over the weekend when opening training to councilors on human rights and good governance issues. The training was jointly organized by CHRAGG, Civil Society Fioundation and Haki Maendeleo.

“Citizens face various social challenges that have to be solved by their leaders especially councilors because they are the ones close to them. People shouldn’t be left to fight for themselves while they have leaders who were elected in accordance with country laws”, stated Ali.

She said it wasn’t right for citizens to wait for the President to air their grievances while they have councilors. She insisted elected leaders must work for the people and make sure they accomplish their needs.

According to her, not all disputes amongst citizens should be taken court, noting they can be filed at other government instruments like CHRAGG. She said the commission provides services to ordinary citizens and resolves conflicts through a mediation process.

“As councilors you are responsible for educating citizens as well as informing them on the existence of government instruments including CHRAGG which was established purposely to serve Tanzanians and help them understand their rights”, she insisted.

Ali reminded councilors to engage on provision of civic education as the country will conduct general elections later this year. She said citizens must be well informed on their rights and the importance of taking part in elections.

“It is our role to sensitize people to practice their constitutional right to elect leaders of their choice. We should also tell them to avoid engaging on unlawful acts to ensure the country remains peacefully”, she said.

Lindi Municipal Mayor, Mohamed Lihumbo urged the councilors to use the acquired human rights knowledge to solve people’s problems. He applauded CHRAGG, Civil Society Foundation and Haki Maendeleo for educating the leaders on human right issues insisting the knowledge is likely to reduce grievances in their specific localities.

“There are many conflicts in our areas especially land disputes. The councilors will now be in a position to resolve them or assist conflicting parties to seek mediation at the commission”, Lindi Mayor noted.

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