Mbulu residents told to use opportunities in Ug-Tz OilPipeline project

14Feb 2020
The Guardian
Mbulu residents told to use opportunities in Ug-Tz OilPipeline project

​​​​​​​RESIDENTS of Mbulu District, Manyara Region have been urged to utilise various business opportunities found in the Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline project.

​​​​​​​District Commissioner Chelestino Mofuga

District Commissioner Chelestino Mofuga made the call here at the councillors’ meeting saying that with Manyara being one of the regions that the pipeline expected to pass through, the residents have to make sure that they benefit immensely with every opportunity in the project.

He said that one of the major things that his leadership will do is to ensure that residents in the regions are well informed on the opportunities and were not left behind from various tenders for them to also grab new technologies from other companies.

He emphasized that as the project will pass in two districts of Kiteto and Hanang’ wanting the public to also show their determination.

“Youth, women and other traders have to ensure that they produce whatever they are able to such as onions and chickens to feed the workers in the projects…we will call experts from the prime minister’s office to come and train our population on the opportunities and quality of products,” he added.

For his part, District Executive Director Hudson Kamoga told the council ors that the construction of the district’s hospital and administration block was progressing well.

 “We commend President John Magufuli for releasing funds for implementation of various development projects which will eventually see people’s lives being improved,” he said.

Elimiana Shishi, Dongobesh ward l said; “I will use the opportunity to educate my people on the importance of the oil pipeline and various opportunities fro them to grab.”

The 1,443-km lengthened pipeline is expected to transport about 200,000 barrels of oil per day providing the nation millions of funds annually.

Despite transporting the oil from Uganda, the pipeline will be transporting oil from other countries of DRC Congo and South Sudan which have showed interest to transport the oil through Tanga Port.

Other benefits that Tanzania will obtain from the project are 15,000 employment opportunities during the construction and 2,000 others after the completion of the project.

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