NBC launches private banking facility in Mwanza

10Mar 2016
The Guardian Reporter
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NBC launches private banking facility in Mwanza

NBC has started the year with a special focus on exclusive and personalised services for its customers symbolised by opening a new private banking suite in Mwanza.

The bank’s public affairs manager, William Kallaghe

The bank’s public affairs manager, William Kallaghe, said in a statement that the aim of the move is to provide world class service to its high net worth customers.

“The Mwanza Private Banking suite is the third after that of Sea Cliff and Corporate branches, all located in Dar es Salaam,” the statement read.

With assets and deposits base amounting to 1.6trn/- and 1.28trn/- in 2014 respectively, NBC is one of the three largest commercial banks in the country. The other two banks in this category are CRDB Bank and National Microfinance Bank.

The three together with Standard Chartered held 49.48 per cent of the total assets of the banking sector in 2014, 48.23 per cent of total capital, nearly 50 per cent of total deposits and 50.03 per cent of total loans.

Being an exclusive well-designed banking service, NBC Private Banking provides its customers with access to a range of products tailored to suite their unique needs.

Some of the products provided under this arrangement are; Personal Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits Accounts, Affluent Current Accounts, Foreign Currency Accounts, Cash Backed Overdrafts, Embedded Insurance Benefits and Vehicle Insurance.

The Mwanza Private Banking suite will have dedicated relationship management and personalised service through relationship managers and personal bankers, the statement said.

“The opening of the Private Banking suite in Mwanza reaffirms NBC’s commitment to provide world class service to our top end clients in the second largest city in Tanzania. As we know that Mwanza is a growing metropolitan city with a host of economic activities with a growing business community, and therefore this investment is truly justified,” said Godhard Hunja, NBC Mwanza branch manager during the opening ceremony.

NBC is one of the most represented retail bank in the country with over 47 years’ experience in providing financial services. Apart from offering traditional banking services, the bank also has a branch network of 52 units with a staffing of over 1,300 and over 240 Visa enabled ATMs.

It also services over 250 Points of Sales strategically located throughout the country. Speaking on behalf of NBC customers, Elinser Nyange thanked NBC for opening the Private Banking suite in Mwanza.

“The opening of this Private Banking suite comes at an ideal time when customers are in need of exclusive and personalised services and products that have been missing for quite some time. Customers in Mwanza and those around the city, now have the opportunity of experiencing world class service.”