NGO tackles violence against women and children in Itilima

13Jul 2020
The Guardian
NGO tackles violence against women and children in Itilima

​​​​​​​A non -profit organisation, Kawiye Development Social Development Foundation (KASODEFO, is set to reach over 50,000 people with a special programme aimed at  addressing violence against women and children in Itilima District, Simiyu Region.

Ezekiel Kassanga.

Speaking on the implementation of the project, Ezekiel Kassanga, the organisation's director said that the project which enters its second phase will focus much on strengthening awareness and educational programmes on the impacts of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

He noted that that violence against women and children remains one of the most serious human rights violations in the country which calls for determined joint efforts to curb it.

According to him,  the project worth 30m/- is funded by Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and will be implemented in various villages of Itilima District.

According to him, the implementation of the projects is part of the organisatiopn's zeal to complement the goverment's national ant-violence work plan.

"We will educate the public on the impacts of violence, we will capacite them on the importance of reporting incidence of violence, while also educating them to avoid and fight early marriages,"he said.

The implementation of the project will involve several training sessions through workshops, television and radio programmes as well as posters and social media platforms to ensure that the information reaches more people.

KASODEFO which is based in Simiyu is operating in the thematic areas of human rights, community development, gender, education, health, water and environment.  The Foundation is dedicated and committed in protection and promotion of human rights, enhance gender equality, and improving quality of life by reducing poverty of the community through training and support in social and economic initiatives, rehabilitation and development programs basing on the national plan of reducing poverty (2025) and the sustainable development goals (2030).