Orphanage centres must be giving diabetes education

06May 2019
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Orphanage centres must be giving diabetes education

Diabetes Consciousness for Community this Saturday of 4th of May 2019, conducted Charity and Health event which carried the aim of spreading Diabetes awareness and other none communicable diseases and also aim was to give out to the community, -

The event took place in one of the Orphanage Centre located in Mbagala Majimatitu "Hisani Orphanage Centre".

The Organization donated things like school materials, Clothes and shoes, food and drinks. Apart from all the materials and goods that where giving out, with  the help of  Tanzania non communicable disease Alliance (TACDS), the center were given 80 of Non Communicable Diseases Books which will help them to gain knowledge of Non Communicable Diseases.

Lucy Johnbosco who is the Managing Director of Diabetes Consciousness for Community (DiCoCo), said that's that we don't have to wait till the World Diabetes day to raise Diabetes awareness, everyday have to be a diabetes day.

She also said that many people do conduct these charity activities but they forget about health education.And when we talk about Diabetes, there is the increase of Diabetes type one which occur to children.

The organization partnered with Keko Pharmaceutical and others to organized and conduct the event.

She also added that research is showing that in 10 families, 4 of them have family members living with Diabetes.it is our duty to give ourselves to the community.

                                                                                              ABOUT DiCoCo

DiCoCo (Diabetes Consciousness for Community) or a community-based diabetes education organization is a non-governmental organization registered under the non-governmental organization. The main objective of this institution is to provide education on diabetes especially the type one Diabetes. Research done by the world's largest health and Diabetes organizations, as World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) and World Health Organization (WHO) shows that there is a substantial increase for Diabetes especially in developing countries in Tanzania, and in Tanzania, studies also shows that in 100 people, 9 people living with Diabetes without their knowledge and the biggest problem is lack of education and adequate understanding about the disease. Lifestyle is one of the reasons for Diabetes. This is one of the main reasons that led to the existence of this DiCoCo.  

But also the founder of this institution Ms Lucy Johnbosco is one of the people who live with the Type one Diabetes for the seventeenth year (17) now and has been offered to provide diabetes education since 2010 before deciding to establish this institution. DiCoCo.

There are a number of programs that have already been done, for example there is a Primary School Diabetes Awareness Programmes, program that has started in the February of this year and until now they have visited three schools and talking to all pupils from standard seven to standard one, these programs started with teachers because they are the ones who have children all the time at school so it is, important for them to know first about diabetes, symptoms, and first aid to give if there is a student who lives with Diabetes and had a problem at school.

Diabetes and Youth (Youth and Diabetes) seminars, the aim of this seminar is to educate young people about the proper life-style that they can live and avoid diabetes, proper eating habits, the importance of exercise and the importance of getting enough time to sleep.

Women and health seminar, the aim was to educate women about diabetes and other diabetes-causing illnesses, but also the woman is someone who knows what the family is eating, the woman is looking after at the patient at home. She is the first person to make sure the family does not get diabetes especially when it’s comes to eating habits.

Indoor Diabetes Seminars, these are programs aimed at various companies, because Diabetes brings disability and reduces production, the Institute believes that as workers are given diabetes education, and how to protect themselves from this disease and also to those workers. Who are already living with Diabetes as they learn how to live and control diabetes then it will be easier for them to protect themselves and to prevent Diabetes and in turn the company production will increase. But the institution also has media education programs through Media Diabetes Awareness Program.

Although they are still a small institution, they have tried to do a variety of volunteer work and were able to get the diploma that was issued by the International Good deed. The Institute believes that they still need cooperation from people, companies and organizations to make sure that the community gets to know about Diabetes, and when they ask for an opportunity to teach staff in big corporations and offices they should not find it difficult to give them a chance to do so. They thank all the media for giving them a chance every time they need to provide diabetes education.

DiCoCo also thank Buni Hub for giving them a place to use as an office, for any contact and more information about DiCoCo, you can follow them in all social media platform as dicoco_tz and on their website dicoco.or.tz, phone numbers are 0716 904271/0743085574.


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