Partnership brings Tanzania ICT players at regional map

03May 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Partnership brings Tanzania ICT players at regional map

​​​​​​​INFORMATION and communications technology (ICT) has contributed positively to the country's socio-economic development taking into that it’s one of the key sectors that that employ as many people as possible.

Dr Gilliard Loth ,  Power & Network Backup Co. Ltd Managing Director

The coming of Huawei—a Chinese multinational conglomerate which specialises in telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics and technology-based services and products has contributed positively to the growth of the sector through the so-called technological transfer.  

The partnerships that made by the Chinese ICT firm have some made some local companies to grow and creates jobs and hence contribute to the country's economy. The Dar es Salaam-based company—Power and Network Backup is one of the local enterprises that have been benefiting from the partnership with the Chinese ICT firm.

Dr Gilliard Loth, managing director of the local firm—Power and Network Backup attests that the partnership has made his company to gradually move from a simple service provider to a tech-savvy company in Tanzania. The firm started 13 years ago with only ten employees, but now it has employed 100 staff.

“To me this is a big stride,” Loth says, revealing that apart from the firm’s efforts, the achievement was contributed by the partnership with Huawei in 2013; by that time, the company was already engaging in the telecommunication industry.

“Initially, we had very few masts we were working on especially in Southern Highlands,” he says, adding: Huawei is a company we’ve been on a journey with for over seven years. Working with Huawei has helped us a lot; we have learnt from their ever-evolving technology and been able to improve our efficiency. The partnership has significantly helped our company grow both financial and technological wise.”

Speaking of the firm’s extensive capabilities, Dr Loth introduced that not only they conduct passive management of sites, such as the provision of generators and attending problems related to power in telecommunication towers; but also they do the active part of the towers, namely improving radio communication, which is their major task nowadays.

According to him, the company also does the installation of various tools and currently, it is working on the upgrading of a mobile company’s services.

During the course of cooperating with Huawei, Dr Loth’s company also has opportunities to deploy its staff to China to learn new technologies. After they come back with more experience, some of them are allocated to work in the field with higher efficiency; the others work as trainers to pass their experience to more employees.

“After a capacity building supported by Huawei, including expertise transfer and introducing modern ICT equipment, we are able to deliver quick, efficient, and better services to our clients, and have managed to spread our wings at almost every corner of this country. We have engineers all over the country,” he adds.

Dr Loth said the partnership with Huawei has seen the company registering robust growth and has achieved the stature of being an international brand that matches up with international standards.

“After partnering with Huawei, we have grown up almost ten folds with at least 100 employees and with a much more good office at this magnificent newly built PSSSF Tower here at Sam Nujuma Road,” he says.

Over time, the company has built a strong reputation and received more opportunities to further expanding its business.

It has plans to expand into neighbouring countries, including Zambia, Mozambique, and South Africa, it is also invited to conduct business in Ethiopia.

Recounting on the company’s growth from a meagre one-room office to a regionally recognized company, Dr Loth pays a glowing tribute to the government of Tanzania for providing an enabling environment for local companies to grow and partner with foreign companies for a broader vision.

In return, the company also strives to repay the country.

“We are proud to have created 100 direct employment opportunities, which means that behind each of our employees, there are at least five to six dependents and this is a huge thing to our country’s economy,” he says.

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