RC commends GGML for supporting projects in Geita

29Apr 2021
The Guardian
RC commends GGML for supporting projects in Geita

​​​​​​​GEITA Regional Commissioner  Eng. Robert Gabriel has expressed satisfaction with Geita Gold Mining Ltd (GGML) projects being implemented through its corporate social responsibility programme in Geita District Council.

Geita Regional Commissioner Eng Robert Gabriel (3rd L) unveils one of the GGML-funded buildings in Geita District. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

He also urged citizens to support the efforts of the company and the government in order to ensure development to the people.

Eng. Gabriel paid tribute to GGML during a seven-day visit to Geita District Council after visiting more than 45 projects implemented by GGML including secondary schools in Buyangu, Nyalwanzaja, Kamena, Nyamalimbe, Butobela, Bukoli, Nyaluyeye, Nyarugusu, Nyakamwaga, Busanda, Kaseme, Magenge and Lwamgasa wards.

He also visited company sponsored dispensaries in Nyabulolo, Kamena, Bujula, Bukoli, Busolwa and Nyakamwaga wards. All these projects have been implemented by GGML through its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

"These are great efforts made by GGML in collaboration with the government to ensure that Geita District Council and others in this region oversee the implementation of productive projects that benefit citizens and develop their livelihoods," he said.

Engineer Gabriel urged the Geita District Council to make effective use of local revenue so that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding from GGML is used to establish other sustainable projects.

The Regional Commissioner also expressed satisfaction with the quality and standards of GGML-funded projects through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding in Geita District Council.

He also urged the Company to continue to fund the implementation of projects that benefit the community, especially those around the mine.

GGML has been a beacon for community investment since its inception in 2000 and by 2014/15 the company had increased its social investment level to a very large extent.

Since its inception, GGML has invested more than TZS 60 billion in the Geita community where the main focus has been in education, health, sanitation, infrastructure and income generation projects and many other social projects to ensure the development of the local community.

GGML has also continued to work with the government to implement projects in other areas out of Geita town and Geita District Councils. The projects include those in Chato, Mbogwe and Bukombe councils.

GGML was recently recognized as the overall best performer of the mining sector for the financial year 2019/2020. GGML was recognized for its outstanding contribution to the mining industry in Government revenue collections, performance in environmental and safety issues, executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and local business content.

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